Nepal Trekking Season

Trekking Season in Nepal is very much loved by many tourists in Nepal. Although Nepal is a cold country, the days are generally clear in the winters in Nepal. Best recommended Nepal Trekking Season is mostly in the months of December January till February. These are cold days in the Himalayas. Nepal usually has snow fall in the higher altitudes with risky winds and colder environment. Therefore, recommended ideal Nepal Trekking Season are as following.

Best Trekking Season in Nepal

Trekking Season in Nepal is the most popular mainly at these two seasons which is after the fall season and after the winter season.  The next month which is mid September to mid of December is considered ever best season of trekking in Himalayas in the Nepal Trekking Season. During this period of months the trekking routes in Mount Makalu and other trekking destinations have a cool climatic condition that is not too hot nor too cold and the mountain look very much crystal clear. The next very best of the best Nepal Trekking Season after winter is when sun starts getting more warmer and warmer in spring season that lure people towards the magnificence of the Himalayas followed by a climate where you can wear a thin t-shirt in the mountain and feel sunny and cool. The spring season is flowery Nepal Trekking Season as in Nepal varieties of flora and trees and other plants shine out and give another enthusiasm to mountain expedition also.

Nepal Trekking Season : Autumn (September-November)

Best season for trekking in NepalTrekking Season in Nepal in Autumn season is the most recommended and enjoyed by everybody which also sometimes regarded as the best Trekking Season in Nepal for the Trekking in Nepal. From September to October all the way till November are fall in this trekking season in Nepal. Throughout the trip you will encounter numerous natures’ secrets along with the scenic view of the Himalayan panoramas. The temperature is neither too hot nor too cold making it easy to carry your bag packs. The weather and the environment are such that it allows for any kind of trekking. So Trekking in Nepal is also favorable during this season. The sky is generally clear in the higher altitudes. You really feel like getting closer to the clouds. You may encounter patters change in clouds very clearly along with bumping storm in the the sky which makes the whole scenario interesting.

Another Recommended Nepal Trekking Season is Winter from December to February

Trekking Season in Nepal is good during winters too because the days are clear in winter season in Nepal. The month of December to January all the way to February months are colder days in the high Himalayas. The travelers can play with snow during these months. During winter Nepal obviously receives snowflakes in the mountains but also in the hilly Kathmandu. Trekking Season in Nepal for the activities like mountaineering is not possible in this season therefore it is good to do a nature trek in the lower Himalayas.

Trekking Season in Nepal, Spring (March-May)

Trekking Season in Nepal in Spring season is a must to be added to your calendar because this is the time you will see the real picturesque of Nature. This is the most awaited time by the mountaineers along with climbers also the trekkers. This is the Trekking Season in Nepal as this season offers multiple varieties of flowers and medicinal herbs like the giant rhododendrons which grows only on cliffs over 3000m which makes Trekking Season in Nepal and trekking in the higher Himalayas happily comfortable and interesting. It is a little warm at lower Himalayas and quite moderate temperature at the higher Himalayas over 4000m having spectacular and excellent view of Himalayan mountains. The month of March to April all the way till May months are fall trekking season in Nepal

Summer (June-August): Nepal Trekking Season

The month of June, July and August months are the monsoon season in Nepal and it is hardly available to conduct any activities like trekking, mountaineering and hiking. Even adventure sports become difficult during this season. Although Trekking Season in Nepal is not this season but this time is suitable for Trekking and tour to Tibet .

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Nepal Trekking Season

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Nepal Trekking Season

Nepal Trekking Season

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