Trekking Vs Hiking

Hiking Vs Trekking

Hiking and Trekking sound same right? Some of us might be thinking “what are the difference between hiking and trekking?” or some might be thinking there is no difference, and some would say yes. I would say, yes trekking and hiking is different due to some factors. Let me explain what are the basic differences in Hiking Vs Trekking!

What is the difference between trekking and hiking? It can be a common thing for any new person might want to know. Also, some old travel and trekking lovers may want to know what are the facts that make trekking and hiking different from each other.

Trekking and Hiking are almost similar but the main difference between these two things are, hiking is a walking tour in well-constructed route, it is safe, and it is a walking tour on well-made trails and road of any place.

Trekking is also a walking tour along any trails and routes. But the trekking tour is usually longer in days, have some level of risk, and the trekker may feel it more challenging, pressure on their body and mind when walking on difficult mountain area and trekking routes.

All persons must have their essential gears and equipment when they are trekking to any destination, but hiking basically does not need any gear because it is a risk-free tour in most conditions.

Let’s find some factors that make hiking and trekking different.

Differences Between Hiking and Trekking:

  1. Hiking is a walking tour in human-made and constructed trails and routes. Trekking is a walking tour to unknown routes, trekking may be a journey to a mountain & Himalayas range and untouched areas.
  2. Most of times hiking is a walk on the road, but trekking is generally a walking tour on rough routes
  3. Hiking is always safe, but trekking has some amount of risks all the time
  4. Hiking is risk-free all the time, but trekking has always some level of risk and it is really challenging to trekker, they might feel some level of stress in body, mind, and physiologically.
  5. Few essential types of equipment like sunglasses, back up water, back up food are enough in hiking, but it is a must to carry trekking gear and equipment like trekking pole, trekking shoes, and socks, trekking trousers, backpack, camping gears, first aid kit, etc.
  6. The main purpose of hiking is to walk on a trail to enjoy the scenery, natural beauty. But trekking is a hike on difficult routes to view the natural scenery, feel the adventure, and also to reach a mountain peak or near the lake on a mountain or in the Himalayas.
  7. Hiking is usually a one day tour, but trekking is usually for days and weeks.


These basic things make hiking Vs trekking different from each other, otherwise, both these tour are walking along any route. Hiking is safe but trekking may be difficult. Trekking is also an adventure tour and it may be a walk in untouched mountain areas, but hiking is a walking tour along man-made routes.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any more thing to add which makes hiking and trekking different. We really appreciate your feedback.

Thank You!

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Hiking Vs Trekking
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