Mount Makalu Trekking

Mount Makalu (8463m) is the fifth highest mountain Peak on Earth. Mt. Makalu is Situated in the middle of eastern Himalayas 14 miles east of Mount Everest. The Massive Mountain looking at surrounding deep valleys like Arun and Barun. The average cost of the Makalu Trek  is aroung $3000. The maximum altitude you go in this trip is 4870m/15,978 ft. You can see from Barun valley the home of pristine forests and alpine meadows of Nepal along with  ethnic communities of Rai, Sherpa, and Shingsawa (Bhotia). Mount Makalu Trekking is one of most popular adventure trekking destination located in Nepal.

Some Facts of Climbing Mount Makalu

French team in 1955 first assecnded Mt. Makalu. Hillary and Shipton. They first took photograph of Mt. Makalu on their Everest reconnaissance in 1951. The first climbing attempt on Mt. Makalu was in 1954 by a US team from California.

Mt. Makalu Trekking in Nepal is very adventurous route to climb on mountain because on its location which is the west face. The West Face of Mt. Makalu in 1997 was successfully scaled.

Climb Mount Makalu

Mount Makalu Climbing Routes

Mount Makalu Trekking offers interesting trails leading to the summit through west ridge may call west face, south face, southwest face and northwest buttress. The normal commercial route is past the  otherwise Southeast Peak and along the Southeast ridge. The Mount Makalu climb is not zig zag but moderately technical climbing with exposure on the SE Ridge; it requires some professional guidance for  rope set-up.

Campting while Trekking to Mount Makalu

There are majorly 3 camps, high camp C1 (6,500m), C2 (7,300m) at the bottom of the Southeast Peak ridge and C3 (7,900 m) at the beginning of the SE ridge during Mount Makalu trekking. With very low Base Camp the ABC is set-up at 5500m. The terrain encountered on the ascents varies from glacier crossings to steep snow fields and requires a good understanding of basic alpine climbing techniques. during Mount Makalu trekking you see that Makalu has been climbed Alpine style but traditionally all commercial operators practice expedition style to improve the chances of summit success for the clients.

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Mount Makalu Trekking

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