Dakshinkali Temple

The ancient, historical, and religious Dakshinkali Temple is located at the southwest of The Kathmandu Valley. Kathmandu is the Capital City of Nepal.

The temple is the historical property of Nepal and worshiped by Hindu religions.

Dakshinkali Temple is dedicated to Hindu Goddess “Kali”. Kali is also known as The Mahakali.

In Hindu Vedas, Shiva Puran, and Puranas it is mentioned that Mahakali is an incarnation of Annapurna.

Annapurna is an incarnation of Goddess Parvati, Anna means “Food” and “Purna” means “fulfill”. It is believed that the Goddess Anapurna fulfills the need of food for the human being.

Goddess Parvati is the wife of Lord Shiva.

The Dakshinkali Temples is located outside the KTM Valley which is around 21 Kms away.

When traveling to Dakshin Kali Temple Pharping village in on the way. The temple is located around at a 1Km distance of Pharping at the south side.

Pharphing is also a great place for sightseeing, and Travel Tour to Nepal. The village is inside the mountain, it has several monasteries and temples.

Dakshin Kali Temple is a historical temple in Nepal founded thousands of years ago by the Lichchavi King Supushpa. Supuspa was the fist Lichchavi ruler of Nepal.

Dakshin Kali Temple Inside
Dakshin Kali Temple

This temple is dedicated to goddess Kali, and it is believed in Hindu religion that their dreams come true by worshiping Goddess Kali.

It is also said that by sacrificing Animals like Goats and Yong Domestic Cock Goddess Kali feel happy. That’s the reason every year thousands of animals are sacrificed in the temple and especially during Dashain.

But all these things about animal sacrifice are human created myths because these topics are nowhere mentioned in Ved and Purans.

In Hindu Ved it is also talked that the body of Goddess Kali is blue and she has three eyes, all three eyes are made with sun, moon, and fire.

In Hindu Religion Sun is worshiped as “Surya Dev” Moon as “Chandra Dev” and Fire as “Agni Dev”.

The major festival and celebration in the temple are during Dashain. Dashain is the biggest festival of Hindu after that Tihar and Chhath Puja of Terai area of Nepal. Dashain is the prayer of Nava Durga for 9 days, Nava Durga is also the 9 forms of Aadi Shakti “Goddess Parvati”.

More than all, it is a temple with the same value as Pashupatinath Temple and Manakaman Temple in Nepal. So if you are a Hindu religion and if you believe in God, you should visit this ancient temple one in your life.

There is also a picnic spot near the temple and visitor can take photos from outside of the temple area.

And also for a holiday travel or the family tour, it is one of the beautiful travel destinations in Nepal.

Contact Detail and Map of Dakshin Kali Temple Location

Location Address: Pharping-Kulekhani Road, Dakshinkali 44600

District: Kathmandu

Country: Nepal

Followers: All Hindu Religions

Major festivals: Dashain

Phone: 01-4710066

Location Map

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Dakshinkali Temple

Dakshinkali Temple Nepal

Dakshinkali Temple of Hindu Goddess Kali

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