Lukla Airport

Lukla Airport is also known as Tenzing Hillary Airport. The Lukla Airport is in Solukhumbu District of Nepal which the part of Province No. 1 of Nepal Republic. The airport located in Eastern Nepal is a small airport, and also the most dangerous airport among all around the world, the rating of dangerous airport Lukla is over the 20 years in the world.

When The Lukla airport was in the process of built, local farmers refused to give their land and for the reason, it was built in the available land only. The Airport was built under the supervision of Edmund Hillary, at the time of building airport Sir Edmund Hillary bought the land from Sherpas for USD 2650. Sherpas are the local residence of Lukla.

The name Tenzing Hillary Airport was put in 2008 in great honor of Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary. This name was honored for the first people to reach the highest peak of Mount Everest and for their best efforts for making the airport in Solukhumbu District.

Landing and Take Off View in Lukla Airport

One of Most Extreme Airports in The World: Lukla Airport Nepal

Lukla Airport Take Offs

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Lukla Airport

Lukla Airport - The Most Dangerous Airport In The World

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