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Rhodes Airport Transfer Options 101

When traveling to Rhodes, after booking a ticket, people search for Rhodes airport transfers. That is how to get from the airport and to their place of stay. To make their life easier, we have made this list of all Rhodes airport transfer options including airport bus, Rhodes Airport Taxis and more, from the cheapest to the one that we think is the top value.

Rhodes Island

Airport Bus

As in most airports, the airport bus is the cheapest transfer option on Rhodes airport. The Rhodes airport bus runs seven days a week from 6.40 in the morning to 23.15 in the evening. There is a bus departing from the airport almost every 15 to 20 minutes. The ticket costs just 2.5 euros.

On another note, there are a few downsides to riding the airport bus. Very often, the bus tends to be overcrowded, and you need to take care of your luggage. If you travel there for ten days or two weeks, then you probably have plenty of luggage.

Also, if your flight arrives between 23.15 and 6.40, you can forget about the bus or wait until the morning.

Rhodes Island

Airport Taxi

The taxis at the Rhodes International Airport use the system of first come first serve. It is a busy airport with plenty of passengers and sometimes catching a cab at the airport can be not so pleasant experience. That is why booking a taxi is always recommended.

Rhodes transfer options

However, Rhodes airport’s dark blue taxis cannot be booked online. Instead, your best bet of getting a Rhodes Airport Taxis is through an online service called Welcome Pickups.

Welcome Pickups offer the same rates as a regular taxi, but with few more added benefits:

  • You get a taxi driven by a hand-picked, professional driver that speaks English. Plus, the driver is always well-mannered and is instructed to answer any of your questions about Rhodes. Questions like how to get around the island, where to find great restaurants, tourist attractions, local culture, local events, and so on.
  • Welcome Pickups offer 24/7 support for all of its clients, wherever they are.
  • They guarantee that their driver will be waiting for you even if your flight is running late for hours, and even more. You can count on the fact that there will be a Rhodes Airport Taxis waiting for you on your exit.
  • The booking part is done online and is very fast.
  • Welcome Pickups offers a selection of vehicles. That way you can order a bigger car or maybe even a van if you travel in a group.


This is the most expensive option of all. Renting a car can cost you hundreds of dollars per day. Several car rental companies operate at the Rhodes International Airport.

Renting a car will surely get you from the airport but at quite a cost. A cost that can put a dent in your travel budget. Riding the airport bus is the cheapest option, but then it is very often overcrowded, and it doesn’t run at night. Regular taxis are reasonably priced, but good luck getting one at peak times. That is why services like Welcome Pickups are the best transfer option for Rhodes Island. Their rates are as same as regular taxis, and they will be there waiting for you no matter what.

Rhodes Airport Transfer Options 101
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Rhodes Airport Transfer Options 101
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