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Best Things To Do On Majorca Holidays

Majorca, the largest Balearic Island is the perfect place for relaxing and involve in a great adventure. The island is renowned for sun-drenched vacation. A Cheap Holidays to Majorca gives you favorite choices to make from a range of holiday options. The island boasts scenic beaches, historical attractions, and extravagant food. Visiting this island would be a lifetime experience for pleasure seekers. The destination has everything to keep you occupied on a vacation.

Beach Holidays Majorca
Beach Holidays Majorca

Planning a holiday to Majorca in 2018, then remember to visit these top attractions mentioned below.

Majorca Holidays – Best Time to visit the Island

The glorious Mediterranean Sun keeps Majorca warm all throughout the year. If you are after beaches, book Majorca Holidays between the months of July and September. Your pleasure trip would be a thrilling experience, for people who visit the destination between the months of April and June. The people, who look for some tranquil atmosphere, visit the island during winters.

Where to Stay on a Majorca Holidays?

Majorca is the top holiday destination in Europe. It provides numerous holiday options for pleasure seekers with beachfront hotels, luxury hotels, budget hotels and more. Even if you want to stay close to beaches, there are plenty of them to offer magnificent views of the sea.

Majorca Holidays
Majorca Holidays

Best Things to do on Majorca Holidays

Discover Port Soller

Explore Port Soller on your Cheap Holidays to Majorca Trip. A small town located towards the northwestern region of the island. Its lively markets, a wooden tram, Orange groves and the harbor are excellent places to discover. A tram trip will take you to all the prominent places. This town is the unique point where you get to taste the delectable food and best ice creams. The shores are popular for boat trips. If you want to explore the dramatic landscape of Majorca, the boat ride is the great way to discover hidden coves and glorious Sea. The destination also provides excellent snorkeling and diving opportunity.

Formentor – For blissful views

The northern region of Majorca Island is called Formentor. It offers amazing views with its towering cliffs and bizarre rock formation. The island with such diverse geographical features is difficult to imagine. This is the perfect place to enjoy some fantastic views. Mirador des Colomer and Cap De Formentor offer standpoint views. Perfect for also for scenic sunrise and sunset. During clear days you can spot Menorca Island from standpoints of Cuevas del Drach.

Cuevas del Drach

Out of the glorious Mediterranean sun, Cuevas Del Drach is the perfect place for underground cave experience. The moment you enter the caves, the world inside looks darker and gives you the coolest ambiance. As you move forward you can see the breathtaking views of rock formations. Moving further the path takes you to Europe’s underground lake. The illuminated boat ride in the underwater lake with a classical music brings new life to the cave. This is the most unusual experience any destination offers on a planet. To make the most out of your Majorca Holidays never miss this attraction on a vacation.

Palma Cathedral

The Palma Cathedral, popularly known as La Seu is the iconic structure. The moment you enter its surroundings you will fathom, why it is adorned with the title ‘The Cathedral of Light’. Its glass windows are placed in such a position, that the moment of sunshine falls the glass. You will see the spectacular rainbow, illuminating on the window.

Serra de Tramuntana

Take a bicycle to discover the spectacular mountainous landscape of Serra de Tramuntana. Located in the northern part of the island, its dramatic cliffs, gorges, and peaks take you to another world. This region is recognized by the UNESCO as world heritage site. The centuries-old agricultural practices are extremely popular and worth exploring on a vacation. You can enjoy the most inspiring views of the coast on a vacation.

People traveling to this scenic Balearic Island will have magical moments of their life. This destination has everything to offer on a vacation. Families, couples, and groups visit this fantastic landscape on a large scale every year. If you want to taste the most authentic Spanish food, Majorca Holidays provides you enormous options.

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