7 Biggest Mistakes when Moving to Spain

Moving to Spain is something that requires a lot of planning. If not adequately planned, the first few weeks or even months can get quite rough. It can even ruin your enthusiasm of being in a different country, and when that country is the beautiful kingdom of Spain. It’s common to get distracted by the excitement but if you opt for a smooth transition, consider that relocating can be quite complicated.

Moving to Spain from the US either with your partner, parents, or job purposes, you should avoid some common mistakes during your move. These mistakes can sometimes have significant consequences, whether in terms of financial situations or healthcare. Hence, we have laid out a list of the biggest mistakes when moving to Spain, hoping you won’t do the same.

Alicante with docked yachts from castle. Spain
Top view of Port in Alicante with docked yachts from castle. Spain
  1. Not sorting out the Paperwork

When you arrive in Spain from the US, there would be so many attractions that’ll be luring you towards them. You’ll want to visit the beautiful tropical beaches, find exotic restaurants, go to historic places, as there would be so much to see and do. That’s why we recommend organizing basic needs such as accommodation, health care, education, employment, and most importantly, residency beforehand. Not doing the residency paperwork means no job, no bank account, no social security, and healthcare.

  1. Not learning the Native Language

If you’re only fluent in English, nothing is stopping you from seeing the wonders of the world. However, it can limit you from fully immersing in it. Most people make this common mistake of not learning the native language, resulting in difficulties becoming a part of the local community. Residents of Spain appreciate it when you can speak Spanish, and it acts as a respectful gesture. It also helps you in navigating without any hassle and understanding the country deeply. That’s why you should start learning Spanish before plunging into your new life in Spain.

  1. Not having enough Spare Cash

Avoid this most commonly made mistake of not having adequate spare cash. People might think that they won’t be needing a massive amount of money since the living expenses are cheaper in Spain. But let us tell you, this rate is only a few percent less than other countries. Now there is quite a high demand for skilled people in Spain, but still, it’s a country with a high unemployment rate. We recommend you have a significant amount of money that would be enough to cover your living expenses until you find yourself a proper job.

  1. Not opening a Municipal Bank Account

This is another big mistake that most people seem to be making when they move to Spain. When they constantly withdraw cash from their foreign debit card, a considerable cost would be accumulating. Additionally, many facilities such as paying rent or purchasing property, household utilities, insurance, etc., need to be paid from a Spanish account in Spain. Therefore, it is always worth opening a local bank account for many reasons when you move to Spain.

  1. Not adapting the Cultural change

Just like any other country, Spain has its cultural values and different traditions that form Spain’s character. For instance, if we talk about animal rights, Spain has some questionable culture and practices. They are renowned around the globe for bullfighting which clearly goes against the animal rights’ guidelines. But still, it’s not possible for some foreigners to come to the country and change this tradition. Therefore, it’s better to blend in rather than being the odd one, especially when you’re a foreigner.

  1. Not researching enough before buying Property

You should never buy a property too soon before examining the area properly. It’s possible that you won’t like the educational facilities in that area, or maybe the public transport is really far away. Hence, it’s better to rent out a place before investing in something more significant and costly. Renting out a home helps you examine the area profoundly, and you can learn whether you really want to live there for the rest of your life.

  1. Not adapting to the Spanish Lifestyle

Spanish people are known for their hospitality, open-minds, and warm-hearts. They prefer a relaxed lifestyle with their families, leading a peaceful life with no hassle. These preferences vary throughout the country, so you can do your research and ensure that you choose a place that best suits your lifestyle. But still, you need to make some changes in yourself to harmony with the local pace.  Otherwise, people won’t accept you, and it will be a big mistake not to be on good terms with the residents.

7 Biggest Mistakes when Moving to Spain
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7 Biggest Mistakes when Moving to Spain
Moving to Spain is something that requires a lot of planning. If not adequately planned, the first few weeks or even months can get quite rough.
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