Sun Koshi River View In Dolalghat Nepal


Dolalghat is a beautiful village surrounded by hills. The Dolalghat VDC is in Kavrepalanchok District of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.

Dolalghat Village Nepal
Dolalghat Village Nepal

Kathmandu To Dolalghat

Dolalghat Village is around 57Kms from Kathmandu the capital city of Nepal. The driving distance from Kathmandu to Dolalghat is around 1 and a half hours to 2 hours by driving.

The way to travel from Kathmandu to Dolalghat is Arniko Highway. In The Arniko Highway Dhulikhel is at a 28Kms distance from Kathmandu. And The Distance from Dhulikhel to Dolalghat is at 28/29 KMS distance.

River and Sightseeing in Dolalghat

Dolalghat is the popular place for rivers, hills, sightseeing, sunrise and sunset view.

The Sunkoshi River which is the biggest part of Saptakoshi flows from the east part of Dolalghat. The Sun Koshi river originates from the Himalayan Range of Tibet and its tributes to Saptakoshi River System.

Sun Koshi River Dolalghat
Sun Koshi River Dolalghat

Saptakoshi River is the biggest river in Nepal and it flows in the eastern part of Nepal. The main source of Sapati Koshi River System is Sun Koshi, Arun, and Tamor.

The origin of Tamor River is Kanchenjunga. Arun and Sunkoshi both rivers originate from Tibet.

Indravati River Meets Sun Koshi River
Indravati River Meets Sun Koshi River

The Sun Koshi river system is a tribute of Dudh Koshi, Bhote Koshi, Tama Koshi, Likhu and Indravati River in Nepal.

Indravati attributes to Sun Koshi at a point in Dolalghat.

Indravati River
Swimming In Indravati River Water

The Sapakoshi becomes the tribute of 7 Koshi Rivers in Nepal, the seven sources of Saptakoshi River are Arun, Tamor, Dudh Koshi, Bhote Koshi, Tama Koshi, Likhu, and Indravati.

Historical Thing To See In Dolalghat

Dolalghat is also a popular place for cultural and religious views. You can find 400 years Dolaleshwor Mahadev temple in Dolalghat Village. Lingam of Lord is worshiped in this temple with religious beliefs that their wish comes true. During Shravan (July – Aug) you can see thousands of Hindu religions waiting for worshiping Lord Shiva.

Dolaleshwar Mahadev Temple In Dolalghat
Dolaleshwar Mahadev Temple In Dolalghat

Dolalghat Village is also popular for fishing. And people also visit Dolalghat for fresh fish. Because there are two big Koshi Rivers, the village is more popular for different kinds of fish. Peoples from Kathmandu Valley also visit Dolalghat to buy and eat fish.

The big and natural water resource helped a lot to make Dolalghat so much popular for holiday tour.
Dolalghat can be the best spot for water rafting, swimming, and other water sports.
Hundreds of visitors come to Dolalghat every day for water sports, and especially the place is more crowdy during the Summer Season and New Year Celebration.

Boating In Sun Koshi Dolalghat
Boating In Sun Koshi Dolalghat

You won’t believe that there are 200 years Ashoka Tree in Dolalghat. Yes, that’s true.
and it is also safe to eat the fruit of this Ashoka Tree.

Ashoka Tree In Dolalghat
Ashoka Tree In Dolalghat
Ashoka Tree Flower
Ashoka Tree Flower



Weather, Climate, and Accommodation in Dolalghat Nepal

The weather in Dolalghat is average cool and perfect to stay here.
Resorts, Hotels, and lodges are available here and they are perfect for living for all Nepali and foreigners. The price range for accommodation comes from $30 to $100 per day.

Hotels and Resorts In Dolalghat

Mirabel Resort Hotel is an affordable resort in Dolalghat and you can find many more similar, friendly and affordable hotels to stay in when visiting Dolalghat. The great hospitality and family behavior of peoples will definitely impress anyone.

Visit Dolalghat With Your Family

Dolalghat is a preferred destination for a holiday tour, and travel with family. This place has so many specialties in sense of Tourism, Historical, Locality and many more. Plan your next trip and visit with your family to enjoy the best weather, rivers, water sports, and many more adventure activities.

Indravati River Dolalghat
Indravati River Dolalghat

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