How to Start A Travel Blog

Thing you Should follow to Start A Travel Blog

Travel is a thing like a passion for them who really love it. Adventure of Travelling make them feel as the ultimate achievement when they reach the destination and they would definitely love to visit more around the World. Here I have got few things to share which might be helpful for you to start a travel blog.

To Start a travel blog is not an easy task though not impossible. Are you a travel & trekking lover? or if you are a tour guide? Then the job of starting travel blog might be easy thing for you, with your simple efforts. If you don’t have enough idea about travel & trekking, you might need to do some more research, know about facts, know about trekking destination and many more studies, so that you can provide actual information in your blog.

To Start a travel blog, you need to set up a blog or website. If you don’t know how to make a website and blog in it, or you can’t afford to pay to a developer, you can start it for free. Blogging platform like Blogger and WordPress is absolutely free for all. Open the site and create a free account. After creating your blog you can select any layout and start possible, taking advise from an expert can be a better idea.

Once the blog set up is ready, follow these below mentioned step, it will be help you to run your travel blog with great information. And it will definitely help your visitors to find lots of useful information before they start the tour.

13 Things You Should know to start a travel blog:

  1. Introduction to Destination

Before You start writing about the travel destinations, you should collect some topic and list of beautiful place which is really worth full for visiting. Explain some detailed information about the destination. Include actual information about the travel destination, like: where it lies, mention some facts about the place. It’ll make the topic easier for your readers to understand.

  1. Location Advises

Mention the briefed advice about the location. You should cover few things about the locality, living standard and lifestyle of peoples around the place. It will help visitor to know about the place before they reach, they can prepare the mindset abut the locality they are going to visit.

  1. Distances & Routes

Give an exact and detailed advice about the distances and travelling routes. Make it more specific, so that any body can be able to visit the place alone or with family without a guide. If possible, include some maps and images. Add the detail about the walking distances and travelling by vehicles.

  1. Budget

Budget is the once very important topic that should be explained very clearly. A traveler might not be able to withdraw cash when they are on their way. When you are writing a travel blog, you should explain every heading of budget being more specific. Include all expenses heading and costing for loading/ food, travelling expenses, charge of tour guide etc. More clear it is, more helpful it will be for them.

  1. Interesting Facts about the place

What are the interesting things of the place you are recommending someone to visit. Obviously there must be something interesting that any body would enjoy to visit. Mention in brief about the place, their cultural and historical value, scenery and atmosphere etc. Adding more things about the place might be more interesting.

“For example: if I write about The Kathmandu, I will say, Kathmandu is the beautiful valley, surrounded by hills, Kathmandu has both historical and cultural values, Kathmandu is full of temples, so you can say it city of temples. It’s climate is really one of the best in the world that’s why people love to stay here for long.”

You can include many more things which you know about the place.

  1. Climates & Season

Let’s share a bit more. You need a clear idea about climate of the place. Add the clear advice about the climate of the place, so that the visitor can be sure about the clothes and accessories they would carry. They can make an exact plan when to move. Write more about the best travel and trekking seasons and recommend the most suitable months to visit, so that they can be risk free.

  1. Lodging and Foods

Give a basic advice about the lodging and foods for the travelers. Explain in detail that what kind of food they will find at the place. Make a clear advice that if they need to carry some food for them. Recommend some best general and luxury hotels, which will come in budget. It’s an better idea if you include the pricing of hotel near the place.

  1. Gears, Clothing & Accessories

You should share some detailed information about gears they’ll need during the travel. Give them a detailed information they should carry when they to travel to the place you are writing about.

  1. Tour Guide & Travel Companies

Recommend the best way to travel. If it is possible to travel alone with family or they should hire a tour guide. If possible recommend some best rated tour guide and travel companies.

  1. Individual Travel with Family

Give your recommendation about the place if it is possible to travel alone or with family without hiring a tour guide. Recommend if you suggest to hire a tour guide or to contact a travel agency. It’s will help them to give best suitable way to place how they would like to move.

  1. Collect Some Images

Yeah, make it more interesting. Collect some images of the place. Image speaks louder, with the help of images peoples can get an exact idea of the destination without any trouble. With the help of images they won’t need to search alot for the same topic. It will help them to get a close idea of the place.

  1. Travelers Reviews

If possible include some review from the travelers. You can find them from the internet and webs. It will give a clear visit about the travel destination.

  1. Summary

Now it’s time to stop your pen for the travel blog writing for the topic. Now you write a summary about the travel destination of your blog. Write all positive and negative things of the destination and give a clear vision.

Finally, You are ready to start a travel blog:

With These simple steps you can be a successful travel blog writer. You can start a travel blog and share great stuffs to help others to know about different place around the world. Be sure that you have enough idea before you write. Your travel advisory blog writing can be the source for others’ to plan for a trip. If anything isn’t correct it can mislead others. Be sure that all information you provide is exact and true.

Thanks from the team of Adventure Travel Trek. Best luck for your first travel blog writing.

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How to Start A Travel Blog

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