Plan a trip to paris

How to plan a trip to Paris for the first time

Planning a trip to Paris for the first time? Here are some useful pieces of advice for you.

Are you planning to spend days in the city of Love Paris, what if we tell you, that your trip can be a budget one, but will receive a quality care in return?

What if you knew a trip planner/travel agency that can hook you up in a cozy-luxurious hotel in Saint Germain area? As of 2019’s travel Guide, Saint Germain is the cheapest area in Saint Germain district, hence let us help you to plan your Paris trip and to take care of all your related needs for travel like how to manage and where to stay in Paris.

If you are planning for a comparatively low budget trip to Paris then there are numbers of options where you can get a perfect package for you which is well directed by the trained multilingual staffs at your service. We are happy to advise you the budget friendly trip to Paris and guarantee that you will have a lifetime experience at the cost that you desire.

Firstly, book your flight tickets with a budget friendly agency to and enjoy a heavy air fair discounts, travel discounts and added an airport taxi service to your chosen hotel’s doorsteps. Choose from a variety of airways as per your trip plan, as you can even customize your transits. Choose from Air China to Etihad Air as per your budget, at a discounted rate.

Saint Germain Area in Paris
Saint Germain Area

Useful Tips for you to visit alone in Paris

Let’s tell you something beforehand, Saint Germain District is enlisted as the cheapest District to stay in Paris, as it has a variety of hotels, it’s not a distant settlement from main tourist attractions in Paris.

  • As St Germain is right around Odéon Metro Station, you can get a public ride into the city as easily.
  • The place is itself full of cultural variety, You can enjoy Jazz, Clubs and many hotels that provide you special French cuisines,
  • You can even visit the famous Place Saint Sulpice, as a day activity starter.

Further, you can hire a ride from and travel around the city, as you will be provided a multilingual taxi service as per your requirement.

Visit, Luxurious palaces, and explore the beautiful city of Paris, in the evening, enjoy the lovely view of a mesmerizing Eiffel tower and return to the hotel after exploring the architecturally rich city.

As per hotels, we offer you one of many cheap hotels in the St. Germain Area. Choose from a variety of stared hotels, boutique hotels, and even individual room, ranging from $130 to $150. Enjoy, free Wifi, Standard rooms, Buffet Breakfast, and dinner.

We hope this Paris Travel advice was helpful to you. Did we miss something to mention above? Please add a comment if you think there’s something more which can be useful to visit Paris for the first time. We appreciate your additions.

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