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3 European Shooting Ranges To Experience Real Guns Shooting

European countries have a long tradition of outdoor firearms shooting. There are different types of outdoor European shooting guns. Some of them are Revolver, Pistol, Shotgun, Assault-Rifle, AK47 Kalashnikov, Dragunov SVD-63 Sniper Rifle, Glock 17, Fabarm PSS10, M4 Carbine, Steyr AUG, and many more…

Outdoor shooting is more popular in Eastern European countries and where you have a great experience of traditional firearms shooting. Europe is a great place to visit where you can explore hundreds of tourist sights, experience water sports and activities, world heritage, and delicious food. European countries also offer affordable, luxury, and budget accommodation. So if you are a travel lover and crazy about trying shooting, you should keep some of the best places like Kiev (Ukraine), Romania, and Berlin in your next destination list to visit.

So why not to have an awesome tour and the best shooting experience as well. Here are some of the best shooting activities you can experience to make your trip unforgettable to Europe and its countries.

Here are some of the best shooting activities you can experience to make your trip unforgettable to Europe and its countries.

Kiev, Ukraine

Ukraine is an Eastern European country that offers you hundreds of adventure activities and places to travel. Here you can explore so many tourist spots, historical buildings,s and hiking trails. Not just that, but Ukraine is also a popular place for experiencing shootting. If you are interested and would like to experience real shooting we recommend you to explore Shooting range in Kiev, Ukraine, and feel the real adventure activity.

Bucharest, Romania

Romania is a popular destination for tourists. It’s an Eastern European country that offers plenty of sightseeing tours, mountains, adventure activities, historical architecture, and affordable accommodation. Besides that Romania is also popular place to try shooting. Like Ukraine, we also recommend you to have a visit to Gun range in capital of Romania and experience the shooting.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin Shooting Club is another great place you shouldn’t miss to experience when you are in Eastern Europe. Berlin is Germany’s capital and one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. Berlin is a place to visit at least once in your lifetime. This place attracts thousands of visitors and every month and offers awesome tourist activities, water sports, hiking destinations, unique stays, and delicious foods. Berlin is a historical city and here will get an opportunity to explore old buildings, historical architectures, and Stunning UNESCO Heritage Sites in Berlin that you can’t really afford to miss.

However, there are many more countries where you can visit to make your family or business tour lifetime memorable that offer shooting ranges as well, when you are in Eastern Europe we recommend you not to miss the three spots Kiev, Romania, Berlin.

Moscow, Russia

While visiting Moscow it is quintessential to see the Red Square, drink Russian vodka, taste Russian caviar and shoot with the Russian AK-47 Kalashnikov rifle.
Moscow shooting range offers modern indoor premises and with its location with easy access by metro, it serves foreigners & locals alike. The weapons list include some of Russian and Soviet classics like the Kalashnikov assault rifle, Yaragin pistol, Dragunov sniper rifle, RPK light machine gun as well as modern Western weapons (or their Chinese clones).

Vienna, Austria

The Austrian capital Vienna is one of best cities where to live based on numerous criteria. Should you visit this destination, then extra to the opera, art-galleries or foodie experience you may want to try a shooting event with live ammo.
The Vienna gun range is 50 km from central district and provides multiple packages with pistols, revolvers, shotguns, assault rifles and sniper rifles. Shooting the Austrian Glock pistol or Steyr AUG assault rifle (famous for its bullpup design) at the Vienna Shooting Club is a very authentic part of your visit to Austria.

Some of the popular outdoor European Shooting guns you should try.

AK-47 Kalashnikov:

The AK-47 Kalashnikov also known as Avtomat Kalashnikova. Mikhail Kalashnikov is the person who designed this rifle. This is a gas-operated assault rifle that is chambered for a 7.62/39 mm cartridge.

The length of this rifle is Fixed stock (880 mm), Folding stock Extended (880 mm) (Folded 645 mm). Its Barrel Length is 417 mm. Its feed device is a 30-round detachable box magazine. Besides this, Sighting systems are Fore: Post, adjustable Rear: U-notch tangent. Its rate of Rire is 600 rds/min, and its muzzle velocity is 715 m/s, and its accessories are Bayonet (later models only).

Western Europe and Eastern Europe have a large demand for this rifle. Besides these two continents, this rifle is highly available and accessible in the Middle East & North Africa, Sub-Sahara Africa, Central Asia, South Asia, East Asia, Pacific, North America, Central America, and South America.

If you are an outdoor adventure and adrenaline-seeking person you can not miss trying gun range in capital of Romania offered by Bucharest Shooting which includes powerful pistols, revolvers, sniper rifles. They are the first shooting range in Romania to offer AK-47 Kalashnikov.

AK-47 Kalashnikov

M4 Carbine:

The M4 carbine is an air-cooled and light-weighted rifle that has been used around the world. Since its adoption in 1994; this assault rifle is widely used by the United States Army. Currently, this rifle has been adopted by more than 65 countries. The manufacturer of this rifle was FN Herstal. Furthermore, its headquarter is located in Wallonia, Belgium. For the real outdoor adventure seekers, it’s included in the package of shooting range in Kiev, Ukraine. You can choose any from modern weapons, from legendary AK47 Kalashnikov to the latest range guns.

The weight of this rifle is 6.36 lbs. Its length is 33 inches (extended). Furthermore, its Barrel Length is 14.5 inches. And its caliber is 5.56/45 mm. Its max rate of fire is 950 rpm. Its Muzzle velocity is 2900 ft/s and its Max Range is 600 m.

M4 Carbine

Steyr AUG:

The Steyr AUG is a Universal Army rifle designed in 1960s by Stayler Daimler Puch and currently manufactured by the Steyr Mannlichner GMBH Co & KG. Currently, it is adopted by more than 12 countries of the world.

Rifle and automatic pistol

It is one of the most noticeable rifles in the world since its adoption. The Steyr AUG is 28.15 inches along with a 16-inch barrel and it’s chambered in a rifle caliber. Furthermore, its Muzzle velocity is Standard Rifle: 970 m/s (3182 fts). Its effective fire range is 300 m. And its Maximum Fire Range is 2700 meters which is 8900 meters approximately. Its feed system is 5.56×45mm NATO: 30-, 42-round detachable box magazine, or STANAG magazine 9×19mm Parabellum: 25-, 32-round detachable MPi 69 box magazine.

You can try this modern rifle in Berlin Shooting Club to experience the difference on your own if you are a real shooting lover.  Here you can choose various weapons, AK47 Kalashnikov to modern guns as well.

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