Why GoechaLa is the most beautiful trekking in the himalayas?

Let’s immediately say a beautiness of a trek is definitely subjective. Experience a trekking is a personal thing.

I am a mountain guide and I have more than 10 years of experience with trekking in all the regions of himalaya. Explaining the feeling of freedom the mountains are able to give me is not such an easy thing.

Among all the great itineraries I have trekked, with or without my customers, Goecha La in the small state of Sikkim is my favorite.

GoechaLa trek goes until the heart of the mountains, at the feet of the 3rd highest peak in the world: the mystical and holy Kanchenjunga.

Goecha La is a pass, La means Pass in Nepali language (Yes, Sikkimese people speak mostly Nepali, rather than Hindi), an epic viewpoint to reach after 5 days of hiking.

There are 3 main reasons why GoechaLa is the best trekking in the Himalayas:

  • There are no guesthouses on the way.

True, guesthouses are comfortable. Guesthouses are a very typical things in Nepal and other region of Indian himalayas. NOT in GoechaLa.

During GoechaLa Trek you will probably end up staying in tents, feeling the pure sensation of adventure and closeness to the natural phenomenon.

Yak and horses -the strongest porters- surround you and it’s funny to see how they are stubborn, making their shepherd completely furious! The sounds they make to communicate with them is unique!

And what about a breakfast outdoor with an eye at the magnificent Kanchenjunga?

The view of 3rd highest peak in the world will blow your mind. And the sky full of stars upon your head will be memorable for the rest of your days.

  • Reaching the epic, fabolous, last part of the trekking: the 3 goechala viewpoints!

Lamuney is your last camping spot before reaching the final destination Goechala. A step by step legendary walk up to samiti lake -a gorgeous creation of the himalayan gods- and then through a steep path up till the pass.

It appears as to be in the moon. White, grey and black shades formed by snow, ice and rocks. That’s it. Glaciers, lakes, and seven to eight thousands meters peak surrounding you. It’s completely silent up there. The feeling of freedom overwhelm and you feel completely interconnected with the nature around.

GoechaLa has 3 main viewpoints. The highest one at 4950m is reachable in one hour from the first, which is 4650 meters high.

Compared to other trekking destination, this is the most breathtaking.

I’m not saying the Annapurna or the Everest Base Camp is not appealing enough, I’m saying what you feel at the top of GoechaLa is a momentum, something out of time and space, something lose to eternity. Kanchenjunga breaths and you can feel it. On the other side Pandim (6691m) dominates the valley and when you look at it you can completely understand why it has always been considered an holy mountain. You are at the heart of Himalayas. You feel so happy that you’d like to share it with the entire world!

But note that connection is available only down in Yuksom, at least 2 days far from Goechala! 😀

  • Spotting a snow leopard in Sikkim is possible!

At the time of this article -October 2018- the highest viewpoint of Goechala (4950m) is currently “closed”. It means the government of Sikkim forbid the access to the first 2 viewpoints. The reason? Snow leopard is breeding! Two new puppies of snow leopard just came to the light and the state rightly decides to preserve the local fauna.

Usually these animals stay away from humans, and hunt mainly during windows of winter time when trekkers are not there because of freezing temperatures. Though, they can be thirsty as well. So it happened to spot a snow leopard roaming around Samiti Lake, a beautiful source of pictures for trekkers, but a source of fresh and clean water for snow leopards. With a binocular, it was possible to see the details of the skin of the felino.

Is it your lucky chance to spot a real snow leopard? No worries, it will be from distance.

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