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What Makes Goechala Trekking An Awesome Experience In The Himalayas?

GoechaLa: An Incredible Trek in India

Once you land your steps at the Eastern Himalayas, they become a prominent part of your life. You’ll have unforgettable memories, and the journey of Goecha La provides you with the most elevating experiences of your life.

As we all know Goechala trekking is one of the prominent treks in India for big views of the mountains. It is the highest mountain pass in Sikkim in the Himalayan range. This is so impeccable, and this trek takes you nearer to Mt. Kanchenjunga, which is one of the highest peaks in the world. 

The trail is divined and designed with flawless alluring flora and fauna which is regarded as the most immaculate trails in the world.

These treks take you to the maximum altitude of 4600 M, this trek is fairly difficult which requires good physical health. April-May and Oct-Dec are the best months for trekking.

If you are planning for Goechala trek, then you will have the astounding views of the several Himalayas which include: Kanchenjunga, Talung, Rathong, Simvo, Koktang, Kabru S, Kabru Dome, Pandim & Jupono. 

Here is some reason to consider that Goechala is the best trekking in the Himalayas.

Sunrise on the Kanchenjunga Range:

One of the reasons to be considering Goecha la is the best trekking in the Himalayas to explore the grand view of epic mountains. Besides, it is also popular for the sunrise on the Kanchenjunga range. Despite the fact that the trekkers are prohibited from the actual Goecha La Pass, the stunning view from ViewPoint 1 and Dzongri is just outstanding.

Rhododendrons in Spring-Summer

The path of Goecha la blossoms with the rhododendrons. The month’s springs and summers all areas are showered with splendid flowers! It will be amazing for you to move through these jungle wooden log trails.

Samiti Lake

Samiti Lake is one of the famous stopping points on the way to the Goecha La Pass for the trekkers. This place is famous for camping and photography. The perfect view of the still waters, and the mirror image of Mt. Pandim in the lake, mainly in the early hours, is breathtaking for the trekkers.

No guesthouses in your trekking route

As it is known to all of the hotels and guesthouses are cozy and comfortable. These hotels and guesthouses are the most common things available during your trekking, especially when you are in India or other Himalayan regions of Nepal.

During the tour and trekking of GoechaLa your night starts with staying in tents rather than guesthouses, it is totally thrilling and adventure and also takes you to the nearness to the natural phenomenon.

Reaching the fantabulous Lamuney Camping Site

Lamuney is ultimately the last camping site for the trekkers till you reach your final destination Goechala. This place is just an aww. And also a prominent place to spend a night. 

Through Spring-Summer you may face sunny weather-chilled wind or you may also be overtaken by the rain.

Best Season To Visit GoechaLa

This is the place which you have never seen before!!! I promise when you pack your bag to return home after trekking you have countless memories of your trip and trek. 

You can taste the northeast Himalayas all year round. Nevertheless, we recommend you should visit during Sep-Nov or between April-June. 

The trekking tour to Goechala during the monsoon is not fruitful because the paths and ways are muddy and slippery and the huge chances of mudslides.

If you are looking to trek to Goechala visit and find all you need to make your tour easier.

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Why Goechala Trekking Is The Most Beautiful Tour In The Himalayas?
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Why Goechala Trekking Is The Most Beautiful Tour In The Himalayas?
Once you land your feet in the Himalayan Regions, it becomes like a prominent part of your life. You get an unforgettable memory and incredible experience. Goelacha is one of such trekking location. You can't afford to miss if you want to have an awesome Himalaya trek tour.
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