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Mount Manaslu Trek

Mount Manaslu is one of the top 10 highest peaks in the world. It is mostly loved trekking destination in Nepal. The Mount Manaslu is naturally beautiful, and the eighth highest peak in the world which lies at 8,163 meters above from the sea level. It is the seventh highest mountains in Nepal and the highest mountain in Gorkha District of Nepal.

Where is Mount Manaslu?

The Mount Manaslu lies in Mansiri Himal, which is the part of the Himalayas in Nepal located in the west-center part. The name Mount Manaslu is also known as the “Mount of The Spirit” which is derived from the Sanskrit word, pronounced as the word “Manasa” in Sanskrit. Manasa stands for the “soul”.

Toshio Imanishi and Gyalzen Norbu climbed Mount Manaslu for the very first time ever in the world. Toshio Imanishi and Gyalzen Norbu were members for Japanese Expeditions.

Mount Manaslu is also the highest peak in the Gorkha District, which is around of 64km east of Mount Annapurna.

Mount Manaslu Circuit Trekking Routes:

For the adventure trekking, the Mount Manaslu area has numbers of range. The overall trekking route of Manaslu is 177 km, which is around 110 miles. The Government of Nepal allowed to trek Manaslu Circuit in 1991AD. The popular trekking route starts along the Budhi Gandaki River. The Budhi Gandaki River is one of the main rivers in Nepal and also a source of natural water resources. The first source of water in Budhi Gandaki River is Manaslu Himal.

Now, are you thinking about the costs for Mount Manaslu Trekking, please follow to find how much does it cost for Mount Manaslu Trekking and how much money do you need to spend for each required things?

Costs For Mount Manaslu Trek

When trekking to any destination, the first question for expenses comes which is, how long do you want to stay? Which route are you following?

The same thing applies here in case of Mount Manaslu Trek also. Still, we can provide you some basic idea for the costing of Mount Manaslu Trek, however, it is not the exact budget but might be helpful for you to figure out the expenses during your planning session of Manaslu Trekking.

Please look below to find topics you need to spend while Trekking To Mount Manaslu.

  1. Trekking Permit For Mount Manaslu From The Nepal Government
  2. Mount Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP) Fee
  3. The Annapurna Conservation Are Project Fee(ACAP)
  4. Tsum Valley Restricted Permit Fee (Applied only if you will go to Tsum Valley)
  5. Cost For Trekking Guide
  6. Costs For Porters

Permit From The Nepal Government Manaslu Trekking:

  • Manaslu Trek Permit Cost From September to November:

Manaslu Restricted Permit is required, the amount is paid to the Government of Nepal to preserve the area.

This cost for the permit may differ by the month you are going to the Manaslu Region, and another thing which causes the cost change is the numbers of days you are staying for.

For the month of September – November, the permit cost is $ 70 for the first week you go, and after that, it is charged for $ 10 per person in per day basis.

  • Permit Cost For Manaslu Trek From December to August:

For the travelers during December – August it costs $50 in the first week and then after $7 every day for each person. During December – August it is a little bit cheaper than from September to November.

MCAP and ACAP Fees:

The Annapurna Conversion and Manaslu Conversion Projects permit fee requires $23

Tsum Valley Restricted Permit Cost:

If you decide to go for Tsum Valley Trek, the cost applies. The fee for Tsum Valley Restricted permission is $35 per week for each person.

Guide and Porter Costs ForMount Manaslu Trekking:

If you want to travel with porters, that’s also possible. The fee is almost similar for Trekking Guide and Hiring Porters. Randomly, the suggested cost can be $20 to $25 per day for the trekking guide. And, the cost for porter will be around of $15 to $20 per day.

Cost Of Food and Drinks in Manaslu:

  • Cost Of Foods In Manaslu:

The randomly suggested cost for the meal is $5 each time you take, and if you take mean twice or thrice a day you have estimated around $25-$25 every day.

It is the understood thing that the cost of may differ according to the food you eat and the beverages you are buying. Food in the Manaslu region is almost similar to other trekking destinations but still cheaper than the Mount Everest Region.

  • Cost Of Drinks In Manaslu:
  • Tea (per cup) – $1.5- 4
  • Coffee (per cup) – $ 2 – 4
  • Beer (per bottle) – $ 2 – 5
  • water and soda (per bottle) – $ 0.5 – 4

Cost of Accommodation During The Manalu Trekking:

The average cost for a room with twin beds is $6-10 for one night.

Donations, Support Staff Tips Etc. Costs When Trekking To Manaslu ( These Costs Are Not Mandatory):

When traveling to Gumbas and Stupas, they expect for some donations (few dollars), although these are not necessary, the cost may vary if you donate.

Another possible extra cost is the tip to support staffs, they also expect for some dollar and your budget may differ if you reward them with some tips for the great services.

Best Season for Manaslu Trekking:

Spring and Autumn are the most recommended seasons to visit Manaslu. In these seasons, the weather is always clear and also calm, you can have the clear view when Trekking In Mountains and Himalayas in Manaslu, Nepal.

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