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Best Binoculars for Travel and Hunting

Whether you’re going hunting, bird watching, or wildlife viewing a pair of binoculars is among the first items to include in your gear list. It helps you to spot animals from a distance away and keeps you aware of your surroundings.

However, not all binoculars come with the same set of features. You need to perform a little due diligence to find a unit that is best suited for your chosen adventure. Let us look at the best binoculars for travel and hunting.

Hunting Binoculars in Forest

Vortex Optics Viper HD 10×42 Hunting Binoculars

The Vortex Optics Viper HD offers a nice mix of durability and performance. It boasts a 10 x 42 combo, which hits the sweet spot when it comes to hunting binoculars. The 10x magnification pairs with a wide field of view to ensure you won’t have a problem picking out faraway targets.

A fair share of durability features on the Viper HD means that it will be quite a while before you start searching for your next pair of binoculars. From waterproofing and fog proofing abilities to an O-ring seal that keeps away dirt and debris, you get to enjoy long-lasting performance from this device. It also employs extra-low dispersion glass to deliver exceptional image and color resolution even in lowly lit conditions.

For easy portability, the package comes with a convenient carrying case, a neck strap, as well as a rain guard, and a lens cover for when Mother Nature has a sudden change of schedule. Finally, you get an unconditional lifetime warranty when you buy the Vortex Optics Viper HD to assure that you’re getting value for your money.

ZEISS 8 X 25 ED Compact Binoculars

These compact and lightweight binoculars will be the perfect choice when you want to set out for a nature viewing safari. The Zeiss 8 x 25 only weighs 11 ounces and folds nicely into a tiny frame that can effortlessly fit inside your pocket. Despite its tiny frame, this pair offers an impressive set of features to enhance its overall performance.

For one, it is outfitted with a formatted glass that delivers crystal-clear and color-true images with no blurriness. The 8x magnification level offers the ideal balance for most expeditions; it’s neither too strong nor too weak. You get just the right viewing power for bird watching and observing far-off physical features like escarpments and rivers.

Celestron 71336 Nature DX

If you’re looking for a set of binoculars to venture into dark environments with, the 71336 from Celestron makes sure that you will get clear views under dim conditions. This is a credit to the huge 56mm objective lens diameter, which does a great job of capturing more light compared to its smaller counterparts. The implication is that you get brighter and more clear images.

But with a massive objective lens, the flip side is that the binoculars are not only bulky but also weighty. As such, you don’t want to be carrying this unit around your neck for long spells. Alternatively, you get a tripod to let it stand independently. Overall, it’s a nice choice when you want to gaze at the stars at night while on vacation and still remains one of the best hunting binoculars under $200 out there.

Snypex Knight D-ED 8 X 32

The Snypex Knight impresses with its ability to offer high-quality images on a compact package that you can carry pretty much anywhere. But what makes it even more suitable for traveling is its rugged design, which can survive the occasional bumps and falls as you navigate the obstacles on the hiking trail.

You’ll also appreciate the waterproof design of the Knight D-ED that will protect your investment when the heavens open unexpectedly in the middle of the expedition. Thanks to superior workmanship and the addition of dielectric mirror coatings, these binoculars leave quite an impression on travelers and hunters alike.

They are a little pricey, which might be a turn off for some people. However, if you can overlook the cost, you will realize just how much quality you’re getting when you put them to the test!

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