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Should I Move To Canada or The USA?

Canada and the United States are the two largest nations of North America. Their rivalry has been going on for decades. Whether you talk about sports or foreign policies, both countries always seem to tease each other. Now the question arises that whether you should move to Canada or the USA?

Both Canada and the USA hold their distinctive values, cultures, regulations, etc. That’s why you’ll get a hard time deciding which place is best to invest in a business or raise your family. Hence, we have provided all the positive and negative aspects you should take into account before you make the big decision.


With beautiful weather and, of course, “Maple Syrup,” Canada is an excellent place to lead a peaceful life. The country is full of incredible outdoor wonders and is renowned around the globe for its natural beauty. If you decide to move to Canada, check out relocation to Canada from US service by Earthrelocation Now let’s dig deep into the positives and negatives of this country:

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  • The economy in Canada is booming and growing by leaps and bounds. The country is already home to the 10th largest economy in the world. If you want to invest or even start a business here, the process is entirely straightforward, and individuals relish many economic freedoms. Additionally, Canada is among the countries having the lowest unemployment rate.
  • Canada’s healthcare system is among the best around the globe. About two-thirds of the Canadians have got their private health insurance, covering many additional services such as dental and eye care, prescribed medicines, and private hospital rooms. Their employers or unions pay approximately 90% of these facilities.
  • Canada ranked as 53rd highest regarding the world’s crime rate while the United States ranked as 30th highest. This crime rate has been steadily decreasing in Canada since 1991, so you can say that this country is one of the safest places to raise a family.
  • Pursuing an education in Canada is far cheaper than in the US. The reason is that the tax subsidies for education in other countries are not part of the Canadian Education System.


  • Canadians feel like the government is too much involved in their personal lives as there are far more rules to follow. Though we know that regulations are necessary, how much trans-fat a meal should have in a restaurant or how rare a steak should be doesn’t seem like a necessity.
  • Some rural areas along the countryside struggle to provide the same healthcare facilities as the big cities.
  • Costs of everyday necessities are much higher in Canada. Food is a substantial expense whereas clothing is 20% more expensive than in other countries.
  • The immigration process can be challenging as Canada has one of the strictest regulations in immigration laws in the world.


The United States of America is a federal republic consisting of 50 states. It is undoubtedly, the most famous country globally known to be the cultural, financial, and economic center of the whole world. However, despite how great life can be in the US, there are still some cons to the country. Now let’s get into a bit of detail about moving to the USA:

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  • The United States is also known as the land of opportunities as it offers much more job opportunities than any other country. These jobs are also well paid compared to the salary of the same position in some other country. No matter what your preference in work is, America offers it all.
  • Compared to the majority of other countries, America has the most elite living standards. You have access to all basic needs such as a well-paid job, good food, sanitary districts, personal freedom, etc.
  • The US is the third-largest country globally, meaning it offers almost all kinds of weather, from being too chilly to extremely hot. There are also places with the ideal climate to relish life to the fullest.
  • By every report, USA has one of the most developed economies in the whole wide world.
  • The majority of the people in the US are helpful and kind by nature. They are optimistic, and racism is almost non-existing in the country now.


  • The primary and most significant drawback is that the living cost in America is relatively high. You need to have a lot of money to lead a good life in the US.
  • When you start a job, the company prefers the residents with higher experience than you.
  • You need to pay about $400/month for your medical insurance, which doesn’t cover everything.
  • Moving into the US can be quite tricky as the legalization process can be pretty challenging and demanding.
Should I Move To Canada or The USA?
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Should I Move To Canada or The USA?
Both Canada and the USA hold their distinctive values, cultures, regulations, etc. That’s why you’ll get a hard time deciding which place is best to invest in a business or raise your family. Hence, we have compiled the top positives and negatives of both place, that can help you in deciding to move and live a peaceful life :)
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