Mustang Nepal Trekking

Mustang is such a beautiful and popular place in Nepal. Mustang has always been a desired destination for all trekking lovers, everyone want to visit this place once in the life time. Among all trekking destinations located in Nepal, Mustang Nepal has it’s different culture and historical values. Here you will find many more interesting facts of Mustang Nepal, specialties of the place and peoples living in Mustang.

Mustang Nepal

Mustang Nepal is a mystical kingdom beyond the mountain. Mustang Nepal is Popular place for Trekking. It is¬†the province of Nepal just beyond the Mountain of the Himalayas. Mustang Nepal used to be a kingdom of it’s own but got merged with Nepal during the reign of King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev of Nepal. Even after its merger with Nepal the monarch still retained the title of the King of Mustang, Nepal. People trek in Mustang Nepal for historic reasons like this. Upper Mustang Nepal Trekking is one of the best destinations in Nepal for the great Natural feeling, historical values, climates and great hospitality by local peoples.

Rich Cultural Aspect About Trekking in Mustang Nepal

Mustang Nepal TrekkingMustang is a very culturally rich destination popular for both national international visitors. It holds various festivals that are of Buddhist organs. It is the festivals like Losar which makes you feel the ambience in the mountain about Mustang. You just get amazed with colorful dresses of the participants of the event.

The people of Upper Mustang Nepal Welcome You For Trekking

People come up with different masks and beautiful makeups and dance in a pre-orchestra order. Mustang Nepal is situated in high altitude. It is well known for trekking in Nepal similarly. The name of Mustang has been derived from the Tibetan meaning Fertile Plain. Mustang Nepal is the home to one of the wild and scenic Himalayan river of Nepal. In Mustang Nepal called the Kali Gandaki River. Kali Gandaki is secured river to Buddhists and Hindus similarly. Kali Gandaki is very famous for a special stone called the Shaligram which is revered as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Upper Mustang Trek

Beyond Upper Mustang Nepal Trekking

Mustang Nepal Trek also encompasses the availability of rafting in kali Gandaki River. While you trek all along the terrains of Mustang Nepal, you will come across white stones, sliding rocks and almost white scenery from top to bottom. As you move on you can see the whole earth turn into brown shade from top to bottom. Mustang Nepal Trek is therefore very popular in Nepal because of the scene it provides. Mustang Nepal Is also famous for trekking because the people are very friendly and hospitable. The Mustang Nepal Trekking along with the smiling added with  welcoming faces and attitudes make the guest spend another moment at every step of your journey.

Upper Mustang Trekking Tour

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Mustang Nepal Trekking

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