Fixer in Nepal

Fixer in Nepal is a professional team of film fixers working from over 10 years for film fixing. We are one of the leading well experienced team of film Fixer from Nepal, The skilled Fixer team from Nepal offer all kinds of fixing solution for film making and film spot fixing. We arrange all your need for film production movie making. Fixer in Nepal is here to manage your needs for documentary film making.

Professional Fixer from Nepal for all kind of film fixing

The team of Film Fixer in Nepal is Kathmandu based Line producer. Fixer in Nepal offer to server our clients at all best locations in Nepal.

Fixer from Nepal

We at Fixer in Nepal understand all your requirements of next generation film making. Highly experienced team of fixer from Nepal is here to help you for everything to fix your photography, video graph, line producing, fixing spot management to make your filming successful. We are Team of expert Fixer from Nepal with background of past experience working with many projects including domestic and international. Our team of Fixer in Nepal is Kathmandu based, we have a huge network of well experienced fixers for all kind of film fixing solution. It is the commitment of Fixer from Nepal to organize, troubleshoot & support you for all your need for the successful filming projects.

Why you choose Fixer from Nepal?

Nepal has lots of natural resources full of forest, lakes, temples & Mountains. Nepal is a land locked country surrounded by hills & Himalayas. Nepal has got a historical value for culture & natures. Locations of Nepal is one of the preferred place for movie making projects. Peoples in Nepal live from different cultural & religion. The climate of Nepal is one of the best to live in compare to whole Asia. Those things make the place more preferable.

The team of Fixer in Nepal is always ready to provide you full support for the arrangement of logistic & permits. We arrange your immigration, spot management, communication, equipment arrangements, photography, video graph, Translator, fixing, immigration including all film production support & coordination.

What is offered by Fixer in Nepal?

  • Fixer in Nepal do all research for your need of film production & fixing
  • The Fixer in Nepal team will arrange for permits & clearance for required
  • Arrange plus guide you through the filming locations
  • Fixer from Nepal help you for line production & film fixing
  • Fixer Nepal team provide you translator facility for your filming projects.
  • The experienced team of fixer in Nepal arranges all necessary requirements for filing solution.
  • Team of Fixer do estimation of budget for your film fixing.
  • Nepali film fixer team provide you services for photography video editing and recording for filing projects.
  • Team will set up for interviews with appointments.
  • Fixer from Nepal do all jobs for scripting. We will manage transcription for films.
  • Highly experienced Fixer in Nepal team will arranges equipment van & choppers for the project. Fixer in Nepal arrange all other transportation vehicles required things.
  • The fixer team will arrange all required things for photography & video making for filming projects.

We help you to make filming possible in Nepal

We are one team for your huge requirements. The Kathmandu based Fixer from Nepal help you for all your needs for film making of clients from all over the world. We as a professional Fixer in Nepal help you for TV shows, Commercial Videos, Documentary Films, Occasions, Weddings at local ares of Nepal. You search ends here at Fixer from Nepal for your domestic as well as international film making. We have been working for both fictional non-fictional contents. With the help of our huge network of journalists, photographers and researcher we will provide you the best and satisfactory service for your movie making and film shooting. Contact us today to start your filming project with a Nepali Fixer team, we are excited to welcome you. We make sure that our Fixer team will give you the best filming experience in Nepal. You will appreciated the filming locations around the Nepal as well.