Dubai Desert Safari Trip

Discover Dubai Desert Safari and Dhow cruise

Have you ever thought it would be fun to be a Bedouin Desert safari camp in Dubai, Stroll through the deserts on the camels, dressed in these floating dresses, through the moving dunes … Yes, it could be fun. But these dunes can be a lot more fun if you’re in a luxury SUV, like a Toyota Land Cruiser, riding up and down the dunes like a roller coaster! This is the famous dubbing, an experience that you simply cannot leave if you are in Dubai. Once you have completed the 30 minutes adrenaline rush, you can calm down and see the immense beauty of a desert during sunset. The golden sands and dunes will be bathed in shades that will make them look like the Thousand and One Nights, mysterious and dangerous. Once you have the images printed in your mind – and your camera, just in case – you can see what it’s like to be a real Bedouin! Of course, there will be camels for those who can master something that needs skills, once back to camp get desert safari.

Then, it’s time to relax, in the traditional way – on AC Majlis in VIP desert safari tour, or cushions down, in Bedouin tents. Of course, your dinner will be a bit more elaborate than the traditional Bedouin fair. A sumptuous traditional Arabic barbecue will await you, with all the frills – coffee and dates that are an integral part of the tradition, as well as a delicious dinner buffet and dessert. If you really want to get into the spirit of things, you can also dress the Bedouin style with henna, a temporary tattoo that does not have piercing or needles, and sits and smoke the sheesha, also called water hose and comes in different flavours. Entertainment is provided by belly dancers, who will dance to the beautiful melodies of traditional Arabic music. You can watch and marvel, or try your hand – or belly – too if you feel up to it. After the excitement of the Groupon the city of Dubai becomes the perfect place to relax. The city has a wide variety of Dubai hotels offering accommodation and comfort to the tourists. Five-star hotels are plentiful in the city and finding a luxury hotel in Dubai, offering top-notch facilities and services, has proven to be very easy.

Dhow Cruise Dinner

Traveling to new places across the globe is not only about enjoying the scenic beauty of nature or taking pictures in front of historical monuments. Dhow cruise dinner in the marina is also one of them, Tasting the exotic dishes of your place of visit makes your trip complete. When you are in Abu Dhabi, you should go for expensive buffets, served at the various banquets. Sailing on a cruise and enjoying a platter full of watery dishes will be a joyful experience. The charmingly beautiful creek and well lit-up modern buildings will add more value to it.

The cruises for dhow cruise dinner are available from 7:30-8:00 p.m. till 10:00-10:30 p.m. There are pick-up and drop-down facilities at your doorstep as well. You will get around 3 hours to spend in the old city, parks, and other locations.

Dhow cruise Dinner in Dubai
Dhow cruise Dinner

The Dubai Dhow Cruise lobs innumerable enjoyment opportunities for you. This is because all of us have a wide catalog of golden opportunities to involve visitors. On the wooden dhow, you will enjoy yourself with your family because here you have a magic show. The magic show is organized by the tour operators. Tourists can site on the upper deck and lower deck too but this is your choice what you prefer. When the cruise starts at every next moment your scenery changes as sometimes you see towering buildings while the next moment you confront with beaches. Not this you can sit inside and can have drinks while sailing on the boat. People of all ages must be part of this trip and must join this during their holidays.

If you love the good flavor or want some tasty food or need mixing up good food with your fun trip then the most amazing trip that you can move on is the delicious dhow cruise dinner. Here is a wide choice for those who have continuous traveling. Here are some moments when you miss something or remain unable to enjoy the whole trip because you did not have planned it properly with the exact mix of entertainment, food, and travel. The Dhow Cruise Creek Dubai is one trip that is not easy to blame in this situation. Though the trip is short this is excellent because there is no wasting of time. You can approach this place easily. The tour operators give you complete protocol they give you pick up for the Dubai Creek. You need to embark on the dhow and then you are allowed to go to the inspiring trip. The most significant portion of the trip is the food because this international cuisine is in your range. You just spend some bucks and taste a food that is cooked by specials cooks on the floating restaurant.

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