Trekking In Nepal Himalayas

Trekking in Nepal is the best adventure activity that anybody can indulge into. Nepal has the highest mountain in the world to the deepest gorge of the world. Nepal is such a Himalayan country which has a diverse flora, fauna, and culture. Kathmandu is the capital and center of the country. The city stands at an elevation of approximately 1,400 meters (4,600 feet) above sea level in the bowl-shaped Kathmandu Valley of central Nepal.

Base Camp Trekking In Nepal

Nepal attracts more than 200,000 trekkers per year. A visitor can choose different trekking routes from all over the country. From a short hike in the national parks to famous trekking routes like the Everest Base Camp (EBC) and Annapurna Base camp (ABC), one can enjoy the scenic views along with challenging endeavors.

Trekking in Nepal HimalayasThe Trekking in Nepal to EBC and ABC last for more than a week and it can be stretched to 24 days or even a month! The trekking charge on an average is 60 USD per day per person. This price includes guide service, porter, accommodation, meal, TIMS permit, transportation for trekking. These costs do not cover flights.

It is mandatory that a traveler should be guided only by a professional guide. The average cost for a professional guide is around USD 20 per day.

Know Before Adventure Trekking in Nepal:

  1. The level of trekking difficulty.
  2. How long do you plan for trekking in Nepal?
  3. Are you looking to trek in rural, suburban or urban areas?
  4. What is your budget plan?
  5. When do you plan to trek? – ( not recommended during the monsoon season).
  6. Are you trekking alone or in the group?

You should always keep in mind about the level of difficulty when planning for a Trekking in Nepal. Since there are the different season for different activities, it is advised that you schedule your trekking trip accordingly. Generally, monsoon and winters are not considered the best time for most adventure travel and trekking. Nevertheless some trips for fishing and monsoon festivals, Nepal welcomes you in its serenity. You should plan the length of your trip to make it more convenient when you are Trekking in Nepal. Nevertheless, there are backpackers also who travel in the country. But it is highly recommended you book your trip with a reliable trekking agency in Nepal.

You should also look into where you want to Trek to Nepal. It could either be rural, urban or suburban areas. Nepal is very diverse topologically. Therefore you have numerous options for going to a variety of destinations.

Another wise idea is to plan your budget for the trip. You can verify the cost of food, accommodation, activities etc or a package cost through the reliable trekking agency in Nepal.

Mountain Trekking Destinations In Nepal – Costs, Duration, Popularity:

  • Everest base camp – 12/13 days: +25,000 trekkers/year.

Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world situated at 8848 meters Everest Base Camp Trek is trip of 12/13 days: +25,000 trekkers/year.

  • Annapurna Circuit – 13/14 days: full Annapurna Region +100,000 trekkers/year.
  • Annapurna base camp – 9/10 days: partial Annapurna Region, +100,000 trekkers/year.

Annapurna Circuit is trip of 13/14 days: Full Annapurna Region +100,000 trekkers/year and. Annapurna Base Camp Trek is trip of 9/10 days: Partial Annapurna Region, +100,000 trekkers/year. This is an awesome trekking route panorama view of the Himalayas.

  • Poonhill trek – 5-7 days: part of the Annapurna Region, +100,000 trekkers/year.

Then is Poonhill Trek is trip of  5-7 days: Part of the Annapurna Region, +100,000 trekkers/year.

  • Langtang Trek – 7-13 days:13,000 trekkers/year.

Langtang Trek is trip of 7-13 days:13,000 trekkers/year. This route is also a route to a pilgrimage trek to Gosai Kunda.

  • Manang, Mustang and Manaslu Trek – 15 days: 6,500 trekkers/year.
  • Upper Mustang: 14 days: 3,000 trekkers/year.

Enjoy the taste of Manang and Mustang at Manaslu Trek – 15 days: 6,500 trekkers/year.

  • Everest Base Camp 3 passes trek – 18 days; part of the Solu Khumbu region, +36,000 trekkers/year.

Everest Base Camp 3 Passes Trek – 18 days; This trek is a part of the Solu Khumbu region, it attracts more than +36,000 trekkers/year. It is famous because it has the most dangerous airport landing pit. Also, it takes you near the world’s tallest mountain, Mount Everest.

  • Gokyo – 12 days: part of the Sulu Khumbu Region, +36,000 trekkers/year.

Gokyo Trek – 12 days: Part of the Solu Khumbu Region, +36,000 trekkers/year. This takes you to a high altitude lake called the Gokyo trek. This is the Trekking Tour in Nepal with the yaks Upper Mustang: 14 days: it attracts more than 3,000 trekkers/year.

  • Upper Dolpo – 22 days: 1,900 trekkers/year.

Last but not in the list is Upper Dolpo – 22 days: 1,900 trekkers/year.

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Trekking In Nepal Himalayas

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