World Tourism 2020

World Tourism Day 2020

Since 1980, every year world tourism day is celebrated on September 27. The main objectives and purposes of World Tourism Day are to bring awareness among the global community about social, cultural, and economic growth and increase the value of tourism.

Unquestionably, World Tourism day brings significant economic benefits to the international and local communities. However, this year we all are celebrating but bit in a different way.

With the novel, Corona Virus (Covid-19) shut all the doors of the tourism sector in a lockdown mode. This is the first time when all tourism sectors like Adventure, Recreation, Events and Conferences, Food & Beverages, Transportation, and Travel Trade came to a sudden halt. This is not only limited big obstacles in the tourism industry but also harmed the mental balance of people and forced us to stay at home.

Hence, this year we are celebrating world tourism day but just sitting at home.

Meet the WTD hosts 2020:

First time ever in the history of World Tourism day; the 2020 WTD celebrated by a group of countries. They are a MERCUSOR member state which includes: Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Chile). It is perfect for fostering tourism and overall economic development.

World Tourism Day 2020 Theme: Tourism & Rural Development

This year UNWTO promotes that Tourism always fruitful for the sustainable development of the rural sectors. For rural communities, tourism is a big opportunity. It brings awareness, economic empowerment, and job creation for everyone; especially for youth & women. It is beneficial to promote cultural heritage as well as the development of the surroundings.

Importance and Significant of World Tourism Day 2020:

Here is the importance and significance of the world Tourism day or WTD 2020:

  • empower rural communities
  • Jobs allotment to woman and youth all around the world
  • Preservation of cultural heritages
  • Safeguards to endangered and habitat species
  • Reduce the poverty of rural people
  • Working towards the common goal through tourism development
  • Rebuilding tourism in a safe, equitable, and in a friendly way.

Impact of Corona Virus on World Tourism Day: 2020

As we all know the flow of Corona totally damaged world tourism in 2020. As per the sources of UNWTO, more than 120 million jobs in tourism sectors are at a big risk.

No country away from it; every single country badly affected. Women, youth workers, and tourism sector job losses all due to the pandemic. Tourists fall due to the Covid-19 pandemic not only limited to its Tourism sector but also wildlife conservation, cultural heritage, and biodiversity. With 95 percent of World Heritages sites shuttered in this pandemic.

On this World Tourism Day 2020: the Corona Covid-19 makes the whole world helpless and the UNWTO has to juggle around with the future tourism sector development, sustainable development along with the social, cultural, political, economic value, and so on.

Eventually, we can say tourism is the only sector that brings together people and brings unity and trust.

World Tourism Day 2020: Safety and Guidelines for Travelers

Exploring the world and, the new place definitely a joyride to us, it gives relaxation, boosts your mind, gets real-life education, improvement of communication skills, making of memories, and so on

The current pandemic situation has been constraint the tourist and travelers all around the world. People love and want to travel but they are helpless. With a reduction in travel restrictions from many countries, we are now complete our traveling pending list. However, we must remember the virus is still loiters in the air. Hence you can keep yourself safe but have to follow some accordance. Here are some tips and a course of action:

  1. Follow the guidelines and procedure
  2. Stay safe by carrying all the necessary things
  3. Obtain Travel and Medical History
  4. Travel Insurance
  5. Research before choosing a destination
  6. Start your trip after Proper Planning

Follow the guidelines and procedure:

Several countries open their gate for their tourists and travelers. However, they have to follow some significant guidelines before landing your footsteps in their countries.

Some countries ask you to be in quarantine and some may ask you a corona free medical certificate. It depends on the country wise. I would say, it is best to go with their procedures and guidelines to make your trip safe and enjoyable.

Stay safe by carrying all the necessary things:

If you are planning to travel, you must be conscious and alert by carrying all the vital things which you have must need the destination you chose.

While traveling your must-have a pair of gloves, face masks, wipes, and hand sanitizers. Do not touch directly from your hand. For instance cash withdrawals, riding elevators, or anything. Stay away from crowded places. Even on your long day’s trip, take all the necessary things and try to avoid local stores.

Obtain Travel and Medical History:

Despite being proper health, you must carry the past few months’ medical histories and certificates from your doctor. Take this with you while you are traveling, just in case if you’re traveling destination needs your all medical certificates.

Travel Insurance:

Having travel insurance is a good idea. It makes your trip much more wonderful. As you are unknown to new places, this is the pandemic time or the robbers bring obstacles to traveling plans, these all conditions make your troublesome. Therefore, it would be better you should get your travel insurance.

Research before choosing a destination:

This is a very intense time for all travelers. Proper research and the right information make your trip joyous and comfortable.

Most countries have their own travel rules and procedures in the flow of the Covid-19 pandemic. You must research the destination visiting providing you proper accommodation, food, and security. And also try to know about the local people of your selecting destination. The more you have the knowledge about your destination, the more you will enjoy it.

Start your trip after Proper Planning:

Last but not the least, it is the time of the pandemic. You must conscious and aware of your health. This Virus can make your trip worst. Therefore, you carry all your valid documents, essentials. Furthermore, gives all aspect of tours to your family which includes itinerary, your accommodations, and the place you chose to visit in your selected destination. It is useful to save you away from unpredictable circumstances.

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