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Why one should visit Russia?

There are many people who wish to visit Russia but for some reason, they make their plan off; it is quite far away from their country, frustrating visa process, different from their culture and values, perhaps they do not show the hospitality to tourist as other countries do.

Undoubtedly Russia is one of the most fascinating countries to visit. Its art & architecture, rich history, tradition, artistry all have a big “WOW” factor. You can visit any cities in Russia; all are beautiful, but especially the capital city Moscow and Saint Petersburg worth exploring.

Magnificent Religious Sites:

Russian religious sites are worth and wonderful. Church of the Savior, Saint Basil Cathedral, Transfiguration monastery, and Ascension Cathedral are some of the popular religious sites of Saint Petersburg and Moscow.

Apart from that, Kul Sharif Mosque, Holy Trinity Convent, Vysotsky Monastery is also some of the prominent places to explore.

Each of the Religious has its own unique history and most churches of Russia decorated with gold icons, highly decorated ceilings, and outstanding architectural designs which is worth to explore.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral

Golden History of Russian Literature:

Leo Tolstoy, Alexander Pushkin, Vladimir Nabokov, Maxim Gorky, Ivan all were great authors of Russia and the world.

When you will be on a tour of Russia, you can visit their residence, their favorite places, read their publications. If you are a literature or art student then you can obtain depth knowledge about their writing contributions, publications, and so on. Several of their houses turned into the museum.

Admire the beauty of “The Red Square” in Moscow:

You always weaved dream to visit like Taj Mahal of India, the Liberty of Statue, New York, and the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

One will have an awe-inspiring experience when he/she will visit “The Red Square”. It is the largest medieval fortress of the world and flanked by St. Basil Cathedral and Kremlin. The place has a huge space of 300 meters and 70 meters wide. The architectural designs and surroundings of this place are impeccable. The Kazan Cathedral, Kremlin, State Historical Museum, The Iberian gate are some of the iconic buildings and attractions of this almighty square.

The Red Square Moscow

Russian winters are Heaven:

Don’t be exhausted with the Russian winters. Yeah, it is cold, snowing but it is fascinating. Normally from the middle of November winter strikes in Russia. During December, you can enjoy the visit to Saint Petersburg and Russia.

However, the place likes Yakutsk where the climate becomes severe and problematic. In winter you see the people strolling through the streets wearing sneakers and vests. We’d not suggest you do the same. Some fun activities you can do and enjoy are:

Winter in Russia

Russia is full of Entertainment:

The entertainment industry of Russia is 24/7 active and offers you more leisure and fun. If you are a party animal then; Russia is worth visiting for you. Russian people are always in a party mood. If you get a chance to visit during Christmas & New Year, then you are going to see lots of attractions and cultural events.

Both Saint Petersburg and Moscow are fascinating, both the cities of 24 hours clubs, bars, discotheque which gives u ton of surprises. Apart from that, you can also enjoy seeing a play, enjoying ballet and orchestra at some prominent theatre.

If you are lucky enough, then you can enjoy the White Nights summer festival which happens in Saint Petersburg.

Enjoy the Russian Cuisines at Impeccable Restaurants and Cafe:

Russians offer you wide varieties of foods and hospitality. Bilni, Sirniki, Kasha, Pelmeni, Pirog, Borschot, Orkoscha, Solyanka, Sorrel Soup are some of the traditional prominent dishes of Russia.

Apart from that, it also offers all type of international and national cuisines which includes: Chinese, Italian, Indian, American, Mexican, Vegan, Thai, Dumpling, and many more.

Cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg offer you fine dining of sophisticated or classy restaurants. In addition to this, you can enjoy the delicious and mouthwatering taste of varieties of foods on the streets of Russia.

Do not forget to taste the national spirit of Russia Vodka, which enjoyed by the world people.

Russia is a wonderland for Nature and Wildlife:

If you are a nature lover; then Russia is worth exploring. There are more than 25 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Russia. It is a homeland of diverse nature and the country has a huge expansion of forest. Griffon Vulture, Snowcock, Skuas, Gray bear, polar bear, North Siberian Pig, Leopard Dhole are the most common species found in Russia.

The Great Arctic State Nature Reserve is one of the largest protected areas on the earth, with an area of 41,692 sq km. It was founded in the year 1993. Apart from that, the country takes you to the awe-inspiring scenery from the pristine Western Caucasus Mountain to Siberia’s Lake Bikal.

The Caucasus Russia

Indulge yourself in the Bolshoi Theatre Russia:

Bolshoi Theatre is one of the prominent theatres in Moscow. The theatre was founded in 1776. This place is a wow…it is magnificent both outside and inside. At this magnificent landmark, you can have a private tour, dance and theatre performance, ballet, opera, and orchestra. The place shows you the cultural status of Russia.

Apart from Bolshoi, there are more than 160 theatres in the city and each of them has its spark. Some of them are Moscow Art Theatre, Lenkom Theatre, Gogol, Satyricon and many more…

Bolshoi Theatre Russia

Russians are warm-hearted and famous for their hospitality:

Some believe that Russians are not warm-hearted and welcome their guests. It is a wrong misconception. Russians are very kind, and when you land in their place you will surprise by their hospitality.

Russians are proud of their nation and show you the good side of their country. They lesser want to talk and much prefer straight to the point. I promise you will surprise by the hospitality of the Russian people.

Enjoy Your Journey…

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