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The Best Men’s Backpacks for City Trips

When you are planning a city trip, you need to prepare many items like clothes, a charger, toiletries and so on. But how do you choose a bag to carry them? I usually like to use a travel backpack to store all my utensils for a 3 -4 days trip; and I also use a suitcase, a backpack, and a toiletry bag for my toiletries for a week or longer trip. Anyway, I like to have a backpack with me, it can make my hands free. However, I do not like to take a standard travel backpack like the Osprey backpack, though travel is practical but not as chic as I would like it to be for a city tour.

So which backpack is suitable for a city trip? I think it should be good look backpacks that are practical at the same time, and it’s possible to still fulfill certain functions that I need again and again on city trips. Here is the backpack list for city trips and hi.

Travel backpack like a suitcase.

If you are planning a 3-4 days city trip, you don’t need a suitcase, a large capacity backpack could be better. You need a 40 liters backpack to store all your utensils, but such a large backpack also looks not well, you always look a bit like a backpacker. Later I found an expandable backpack on Luke Case.

The backpack gets its beef from being fully expandable and opens up from 23 L – 39 L to accommodate enough room for a full change of clothes for 2 – 4 days, and also has enough room for your entire shower and grooming kit. It is equivalent to a 20″ trolley case. When you arrive in that city, you can take out your hiking equipments, clothes, toiletries, and other items, then you can don’t use the expandable features, it will become an everyday backpack, with the tech look design fits young men to visit the new city.


And this backpack can open 180 degrees like a suitcase. Besides, fully pull zipper design, velcro opening structure could adjust the opening angle. To people who travel a lot, it is a boon to put a backpack 180 degrees open on the hotel floor or bed at any time. TSA-friendly design with lay-flat capability, so it lays flat while it goes through security, making it easier to see and scan. I think the expandable travel backpack is the best choice for a 3-4 days city trip.

Choosing a carry-on backpack for city trips.

If you are planning a week or longer city trip, you need to carry a large suitcase and a carry-on backpack. What do you like to do as a man on city trips? Most men will do these:

For these things, you need to keep your hands free, so a carry-on backpack is very necessary.

So how to choose a carry-on backpack for a city trip?

I like this men’s leather backpack, it has many zipper pockets to stow valuables well, I can safely store credit cards, room keys, passports, and other important items in it. And it has a vintage look that I like, it is very durable and rugged, I can sure it is made of real cowhide leather, it will get more beautiful, with time and usage. I found this backpack from an article named “The Best Men’s Leather Backpack of 2022“, there are many leather backpacks but I choose this one. It is a practical backpack for city trips if it includes a flight.

Choosing a camera backpack for city trips.

If you like photography, you need a camera backpack but not a professional photography backpack, because photography isn’t the only thing on your city trip, you need to carry other important items. So I can say you need a carry-on camera backpack.

I think this canvas camera backpack is a good choice, it has a removable protective internal divider for DSLR or mirrorless with 1–4 extra lenses, and it can also carry your 15‘ laptop, charger, wallet, or other items. And a tripod holder is essential; you can carry the tripod underneath the backpack, it’s great for a short distance. The protective divider is removable if you don’t want to carry your camera, you can remove it and it becomes a carry-on backpack, I think it is very good, very recommend.

These are my favorite backpacks for a city trip, you need to choose the backpack that best suits you and your lifestyle. How do you like them?

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