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Nepal is a country to travel in this lifetime. If you do not travel Nepal in your lifetime then you miss things like highest mountain of the world, deepest gorge of the world, the birth place of Gautam Buddha, The most holy temple of the Hindus Pashupatinath, the secret temple of the Buddhists like the Bauddha also Swayambhu Nath. Everyone appreciate the harmony among Nepalese people.

Luxury Travel to Nepal

Travel to Nepal at Cheap Cost

Travel to Nepal is cheap, Travelers and customize the cost according to their budget. You can travel as a back packer and most of the countries are exempted from pre-visa arrangement for entering into Nepal. You can be granted visa on arrival while Traveling to Nepal.

More information for Adventure travel in Nepal

Nepal Travel is the choice which enables you to plan various kind of activities like trekking, hiking, mountaineering. Your would also enjoy rock climbing, whitewater rafting with ultimate descent experience.

Chitwan National Park Nepal TravelNepal is the home to many world heritage sites. It the only country in the world that has 7 world heritage sites in the radius of 30KM within the capital city of the country. Kathmandu city is one of the best place on the earth in terms of its air water and the environment.

Nepal is a place to travel for admiring the top 8000m mountains of the world. The Country Nepal is the Home to Mount Everest which is the highest mountain of the world. The Landlocked Country Nepal is a travel destination for the deepest gorge of the world. The Kali Gandaki Gorge is one more popular destination everyone should visit.

Nepal has many untouched naturally conserved areas to Travel

Nepal has the most Pristine Himalayan River, The Karnali which flows from the Kailash Right up to the Ganges. This Karnali River houses Dolphins and Mahseers.

Nepal also has diverse National parks. Nepal is a travel destination to see one horned rhinoceros along with the Bengal tigers also the reptiles like Ghariyals who are the family members of the crocodiles.

Visitors or tourists can apply for any type of permits like in Trekking all around Nepal through various ogovernment or private agencies. Although it might first appear messy, Nepal is a place for one of the best hospitalizes in the world.

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