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Like Traveling in Summer? Don’t Miss These Best Budget Locations!

Natural View In Sankhuwasabha Nepal

Natural View In Sankhuwasabha Nepal

Affordable Summar Travel Destination For You In The World

Do you want to save money in 2019 and still want to travel the world? With the list of inexpensive places, you’ll able to travel the world for less.


In recent years, tourism to Colombia has grown exponentially, with thousands of people flocking to South American destinations. It is one of the most incredible countries in the world.

With chilled surfing beaches, bustling cities and impeccable scenery, Columbia is a country that should be on every backpacker’s wish list. Truly it is an amazing experience at an affordable price.

Budget Tips for Traveling in Colombia


Thailand is beautiful, lively, warm, exotic and it has great value for money.

Thailand is a place where you can enjoy by spending less on transport, food, and accommodations.

Thailand is really impeccable. With a tourist trail going back decades, Thailand is the heart of backpacking in Southeast Asia, and you can get by on between $30-35 a day thanks to cheap guesthouses, street food, local buses, and attractions.

If you spend all your time on the Phuket, especially on the island and then you expect to pay around  $50-60 USD a day. However, Thailand is still one of the most bargain destinations in the world and should not be skipped!


South Africa

South Africa is worth to visit at any time of the year. However, flights there are not quite expensive  (round-trip airfare between New York and Cape Town starts at around $1,200 in July), once you landed your steps, it’s one of the cheapest destinations to visit.

Transport, accommodation, and hotels are quite reasonable in South Africa.  You ‘ll have the total accommodation cost: £1338/$1740 or £669/$870 per person – £67/$87 a day each on average.

Awesome Things to do in South Africa


If you are planning to travel to Grenada, you’ll probably be thinking it will be a big-budget for you. The country Grenada is located in the Carribean, a region that is not popular for being very budget-friendly. It’s a fact that many of the things to do in Grenada are cost-effective. However, there are several ways to keep your travel budget down.

Options of Budget Accommodations in Grenada

You can select from hostels, guesthouses, apartments, Couchsurfing, or camping. Throughout the December – February and August, prices will be higher, but still affordable (Note: Hurricane season runs from June – November).

Some of the hotels like Mount Cinnamon Grenada quite expensive. But there are still several budget-friendly options for budget travelers.


Bulgaria is one of the favorite countries in the world. The country is full of budget-friendly, amiable locals, scenery, beaches, incredible history, and impeccable nightlife.

The country is a gateway to European and Turkish culture. As you roaming around, you’ll glance over the stunning beaches, incredible forests, and medieval cities.

Money-Saving Tips (while visiting Bulgaria)

Eat at the bakeries: Bakeries in Bulgaria have a great, cheap range of pastries and foods which will fill you up in the morning. Banica and Krenvirshka can be your favorite snacks

Stay at Hostel: Staying in a hostel can be affordable and budget-friendly (which also comes with a free beer). It offers you free dinner. Besides this, they also provide you with mouth-watering breakfast and tea. Basically, you have two meals a day. They have the location in Sofia, Plovdiv, and Veliko Tarnovo.


Mozambique’s dry season from June to September is the perfect place to land ur steps.

Not only can go for the impeccable world-class beaches here, but it also boasts some perfect diving opportunities too with manta rays, sharks and turtles high on the agenda.

From June to September is actually the best time for diving in Mozambique, with fewer storms and fewer strong currents around.

And it’s whale season too at this time. So, if you’ve wants to experience whales breaching, you can move to both the Great Southern and Humpback Whales right from Tofo’s shoreline.

Spotting them is almost guaranteed and there’s and it is a budget-friendly place to do so.

Go for the wonderful Pariango Beach if you’re looking for somewhere cheap to stay right on the beach and choose from camping, dorms and private chalets.

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