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Popular Tourist Attractions of Canada You Should Explore

Canada Tourist Attractions

Being the second-largest country in the world, Canada is a paradise honestly. Not only the people are hospitable and always cheerful, but the places are just awesome. The country is so vibrant- from culture to nature’s surreal gifts- this country is rich in every sense. From the majestic Rocky Mountains to incredible CN Tower architecture, you can see everything here- from god-made to man-made wonders. So many places to offer but which to go first!! Canada offers beautiful places which one can visit and that’s why we have created a list of best places for you to visit in Canada with available Klook Offers online.

So, here we have listed major tourist attractions of Canada, the popular sites tourists can visit to make their experience memorable for a lifetime.

Popular Places To Visit in Canada

  1. Niagara Falls
  2. Banff National Park
  3. CN Tower
  4. Old Quebec
  5. Old Montreal
  6. Stanley Park, Vancouver
  7. Bay of Fundy

Niagara Falls

Whenever the name of Canada pops up, The only name is Niagara Falls that comes in anyone’s mind. This exotic destination attracts millions of visitors every year. On the border of Canada and the USA, the waterfall drops from 57 meters. One can view the waterfall from a very close distance standing at the top. Niagara Falls along with Niagara Gorge attracts many visitors. Around the falls, it is a very buzzy and vibrant environment which is all fun and a great time.

Niagara Falls

Banff National Park

In the Rocky Mountains, there lies a beautiful Banff National Park in Alberta. It is one of the most picturesque places in Canada. Turquoise green lakes, snowy mountains, and glaciers add surreal value to the environment in this park. The main attraction of this place is Lake Louise, in which the green water reflects mountains. It is a beautiful feeling to take a stroll around the lake. You can also go to the Banff town and take accommodation and spend a night there.

CN Tower

In Canada’s most popular and biggest city, Toronto, there is one of the tallest structures of the world standing near Lake Ontario- CN Tower. This is one of the most visited places in Canada. The tower is about 553 meters high, which is one of the tallest buildings in the world. One can go on the top of the tower as the tower has the Look Out and Glass Floor for the majestic views. The tower also has a revolving restaurant where you can have a meal and make the experience memorable. At night, CN Tower dances with the lights of different colors.

Old Quebec

Old Quebec is another most visited place in Canada which is also one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is in the Upper and Lower Town of Quebec and has some historically significant buildings. In the Lower Town, you can get to know about the original settlement and home of Château Frontenac along with many other treasures. In the Upper Town, you can see that it lies on the cliff and has Citadel, the Plains of Abraham, Place d’Armes, and the Parque Historique de l’Artillerie. If you are a history lover, then it is just the place for you where you can also find artworks of famous artists like Rue du Trésor, and museums, for example, Musée de la Civilisation.

Old Montreal

The old part of Montreal sees so many visitors every year- thanks to the historic buildings and wonderful shopping experience it offers. Still, horse-drawn carriages run in the streets and take visitors from one place to another. Though Montreal is a buzzy and modern city, the old Montreal is where tourists end up to. Places like Rue Bonsecours and Marché Bonsecours which are located in the old town hall building, in the interior of Notre-Dame Basilica, the Place Jacques-Cartier, and the 1870s City Hall attract many tourists at the place.

Stanley Park, Vancouver

Spread in 405 hectares of land, Stanley Park is another beautiful place in Canada. In Vancouver, it is one of the most beautiful places. In the downtown area, the park is surrounded by ocean and has many red cedars and Douglas fir trees. For visitors, taking a stroll around the seawall is the most common thing to do. The views from the seawall look amazing and ethereal sometimes- thanks to the ocean and mountains together. Moreover, in the park only, you can visit the Vancouver Aquarium, scenic Beaver Lake, and the Stanley Park Pavilion and Rose Garden. Also, there are some totem poles which are more than even 100 years old. You can get updates from us on travel planning along with customer care details of each company, stay tuned with us regularly for new information.

Bay of Fundy

It is the place for nature lovers who want to get intrigued by nature every time they see something new. In Eastern Canada between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, you can go and visit the Bay of Fundy. Known for the humongous and amazing tides, the place has a maximum variation in the tides and the difference between highest and lowest tends to be the largest in the world- up to 19 meters maximum.

Along with the Bay of Fundy, one can also go and visit these popular places with higher tourist attractions.

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