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Best things to do in Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is the second-largest and populous city after Moscow. The city is incredible, its architecture, canals, and museums are phenomenal. Every side you look at something that makes you go say “Oh my god, look at that”. 

Not only the canals, but you’ll also see the impeccable harbor, the city seems like the mix of Amsterdam and Stockholm.

Most Visited place and top things to do in the vibrant city Saint Petersburg: a tour around Russia

Here are the most significant sites of Saint Petersburg city which are worth visiting. Stay tuned with us.

  • The State Hermitage Museum
  • Mariinsky Theatre
  • Nevsky Prospket
  • Leningrad Zoo
  • Galeria Shopping and Entertainment Center
  • Draw Bridges
  • Lutheran Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul
  • Marble Palace
  • Peterhof Palace and Park

Visit The State Hermitage Museum:

So you have landed your steps in the beautiful city Saint Petersburg; the first place to visit here is the State Hermitage Museum. It is one of the largest museums in the world, after “The Louvre, France.

This impeccable Museum was founded in 1764 by Catherine the Great as a court museum. This Museum has five buildings situated in the historical center of St. Petersburg, Palace Square.

This place has more than 3 million items spread over 120 different rooms. You cannot visit the whole Museum in a short frame of time. Statue of Atlantes, Treasure Gallery, Raphael’s Madonna Conestabile, Malachite Room, Kolyvan Case, Main Staircase, Peacock Clock, Room of Leonardo Da Vinci, and Knight’s Hall are some of the prominent things and place which you can explore in a short period.

Explore the “Mariinsky Theater”:

Mariinsky Theatre is one of the prominent theatres of Russia. It is the platform that allows famous singers like Fyador Chaliapin, Ivan Yershov, Medea, and Nikolai finger to raise their fame.

Alberto Cavos an Italian-Russian architect who designed and constructed this place. This theatre is opened for the public from the 2nd of October 1860 but was established in 1783 by Empress Catherine.

This theatre represents a different culture. There are more than 200 performances each year, from North America to Europe and beyond Asia.

As this theatre is packed and fulfilled with people, you can also go for an advanced booking seat through its websites and have 15% of early discounts.

Take a tour of Nevsky Prospket:

Nevsky Prospekt is one of the most visited sights of Saint Petersburg. It is the main street in Russia. This place is famous for shopping, sight-seeing, and dining. Here are some of the best things to do and explore at Nevsky Prospket:

  • Visit the largest galleries of the world just near to Nevsky Prospket.
  • Take a cruise down the Neva River
  • Admire the church and cathedrals 
  • Take a lunch and dinner at Gogol Restaurant.
  • Watch the movie at the Angleterre Hotel
  • Go for Shopping at Grand Mall.
  • Late night party at Rubinsteina street
  • Enjoy your stay at Park Inn, Radisson Nevsky St. Petersburg Hotel.

Acquire Knowledge from Leningrad Zoo:

The Leningrad Zoo also called Saint Petersburg Zoo is one of the prominent places to visit in Russia. The place is located at Alexander Park and Sofia Gerhardt and, Julius Gerhardt founded this place in the year 1865. It is one of the oldest zoo of Russia and has more than 2000 animals and species.

Previously it is known as “Zoological Zoo” later it named Leningard Zoo in 1952. This is the perfect place to spend some quality of time and obtained knowledge about biological diversity, ecological, and biological horizons.

The opening time of the zoo is 10 am to 5 pm, on weekends from 11.30 to 4.30 pm and on weekdays it closed. This place also provides cafeteria service to its visitors.

Enjoy at the Galeria Shopping and Entertainment Center:

People and travelers are always passionate about shopping and want enjoyment and entertainment when they are far away from home. As you are in Russia, you can buy Russian clothes, especially shawls, ceramics, miniatures, replicas, Faberge, Russian chocolate, etc.

For shopping and entertainment, you do not have out to freaking out everywhere. Just land your steps at Galeria Shopping mall, where you get everything you desire.

This shopping mall and entertaining center located at the center of Saint Petersburg intersection between Nevsky and Ligovsky. This place more than 300 stores of world-famous brands includes Emporio Armani, Zara, Reebok, Adidas, Victoria Secret, Hugo Boss, New Yorker, Pull & Bear, Glora Jeans, Mothercare, and many more

Apart from the world-class Brands, it has10 cinema halls and 28 restaurants, and an Underground Park for the 1200 cars.

Check out the cool Draw Bridges of Saint Petersburg:

Checking out the Draw Bridges is fun things to do in Saint Petersburg. As we all know, Saint Petersburg is the city of waterways, it is linked by over 300 bridges. 

The most popular drawbridges are in the city center, which is called Foundry, Palace, Trinity, and Annunciation. 

The draw bridges of Saint Petersburg certainly the best sights to watch, so we recommended you to check them out. Here is the timing of the Bridges Raises

  • Foundry Bridge: 1:40 am t0 4:45 am
  • Palace Bridge: 1:25 am to 4:55 am.
  • The Trinity Bridge: 1:35 am to 4:50 am.
  • Annunciation Bridge: 1:25 am to 5 am.

Lutheran Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul:

Lutheran Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul is one of the worthwhile places to visit in Russia and Saint Petersburg. It is one of the oldest and largest Protestant churches in Russia.

This church is also called the German church as members of this place were mostly German-speaking. It was established 320 years ago in 1708. This religious site also gives its service in Germany.

Unlike other churches, it is simple and refreshing to the worshippers and visitors. This place is especially for those people who have Lutheran faith. Furthermore, it also provides a swimming pool, piano and concert visits.

Explore the Marble Palace:

You may not know or perhaps haven’t heard about the Marble Palace if you are outsiders. It is one of the hidden gems and underrated places of Saint Petersburg. 

The place is located between the Palace Quay and Field of Mars, a bit of east from the New Michael Palace.

When you enter the building, one will be impressed by the most sufficient architectural work and designs. The architecture, monuments of this Palace is admirable and worth to watch.

The fact of this place is more than 32 different types of marble used to construct this landmark.

Take a tour of Peterhof Palace and Park:

Impressive, Incredible, and Impeccable are some of the words used to describe the Peterhof palace. One shouldn’t miss visiting Peterhof Palace. The place is so lovely and stunning every visitors fall in love with it. Truly it is outstanding and worth to visit. This remarkable place is just 40 min drive from Saint Petersburg.

Peter built this renowned place in 1710.  As well as that, this place is also enlisted by the UNESCO World Heritage sites. The Grand Palace, The Grand Cascade and Samson Fountain, and The Lower Gardens are some of this place’s prominent structures.

It has more than 80 original marble statues, sculptures, and artifacts of the Russian rulers.  The place is open every day from 10 am to 7 pm (May to October).

Visa Documents and Information:

What is a Russian Visa?

A visa from the Russian government that allows visitors and travelers to stay in Russia for a specific period of time. Peoples who want to visit requires his/her name, a passport, purpose of visit

(Note: If any traveler stay beyond his designed departure date then he/she may have to face some trouble as prevailed by the country)

Here you can see the different types of Russian Visa which provided by the country:

Tourist Visa:

  • Single Entry, valid till 30 days
  • Double Entry:  Valid to 30 days

Business Visa

  • Single Entry: Valid to 3 months
  • Double Entry: Valid to 3 months

Private Visa

  • Only valid for the 2 months 1-month extension available, dependent on a private invitation from relatives or friends resides in Russia
  • Valid to 3 months, only from the invitation from the spouse, visiting with the application, or parent visiting with their children.

Humanitarian Visa:

This visa is for philanthropic and social work. Normally, provides to NGO and INGO who involves in charitable causes.

  • Single entry: 3 months
  • Double Entry: 3 months
  • If there are multiple entries, valid for a year

Work Visa:

  • Valid up to 3 months based upon the work invitation from the Russian government or any private firm or organization

Student Visa:

At first, the government provides only 3 months of visa to students, but depending on his/her academic course and degree, it can be extended too. A letter of a copy of his/her admission provided to the Russian government for its extension.

Documents needed for Russian Tourist Visa:

  • The original passport must have the validity of 6 months or more at least 2 pages for entry and exit.
  • Application form
  • One passport-type photo
  • Tourist documents like hotel voucher, confirmation, and tourist acceptance
  • Applicable Fee

Let us know if this guide was useful to you visit around Russia and Russian visa applications. Please share your thoughts via comment. We really appreciate your additions.

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