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5 Tips to Ensure You Get A Good Night Sleep In the Outdoors

Getting good sleep, whether indoor or outdoor, is essential for your physical and mental well-being. But, the exposure to extreme weather, the hard and rocky ground, and the thought of critters’ sounds outside can make it challenging to shut your eyes when camping. In fact, if you do not sleep comfortably outdoors, the what-if situations can take over the night, turning it into a nightmare.

You should, thus, ensure your adventure is not characterized by sleepless nights by planning well.

Here are the 5 tips to help you out!

Choose your camping location and spot wisely

I cannot stress this enough; your camping location matters a lot. It can make you long for days outdoors or swear never to explore the wild again. Do not go camping in an unestablished site or a place invested by mosquitos without a quality tent. Consider taking a bug spray to help deal with pests.

Prioritize places with flat camping spots where you do not have to deal with tree roots when sleeping. Rolling about, sliding off the mat, and having to deal with lumps and bumps at night are some of the misfortunes you are likely to encounter in angled campsites.

As well, avoid unprotected open areas and shield against wind only in natural vegetation. I would recommend an inconspicuous and invisible place to prevent disturbance from not-so caring campers who might decide to play music all night long. If you have to walk a little further to get the perfect spot, do it. A night of sound sleep is worth tomorrow’s experience.

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Invest in a high-quality sleeping bag

Sleeping bags keep you warm at night and provide support as you roll and move about at night. So, you should buy a quality one, especially if you plan to camp for more than a day.

You can either invest in backpacking or a car camping sleeping bag.

  • Backpacking sleeping bag: This features a mummy shape and comes in snugly fit to keep you warm throughout the night. They tend to be lighter and, therefore, easy to carry. If you plan to pitch a tent in different places or visit a cold site, a backpacking sleeping bag is
  • Car camping sleeping bag: This type is made wider and can easily be unzipped to be used as a blanket. They won’t help you retain heat due to its more wiggle room. Again, the car camping sleeping bags are heavier and suitable if you plan to camp on the same spot throughout your adventure. It is also best if you plan to camp in warm places or if you always sleep hot.

Despite the one you choose, ensure it has good reviews from verified users. Check what other people say about the zippers, temperature rating, and noise. Always opt for a bag with a higher temperature rating than your camping location to avoid catching a cold at night.

Warm yourself and your sleeping bag before going to sleep

Set up a campfire and remove wet or dirty clothes. Put on your night clothes and stay by the campfire with a bottle of warm water at your feet. Eat light and warm meals to avoid catching a cold.

After, take tea to prepare your body for sleep. When your body heats up, and after that starts cooling down, your brain clocks know it is bedtime.

After keeping yourself warm, it will be pointless to get into the cold sleeping bag. Instead, take care of it by putting a heat-resistant bottle full of hot water inside the sleeping bag. Once you are ready to sleep, remove the bottles and get into the warm bag.

Alternatively, you can use a sleeping liner to warm up at night. The liners also help keep the bag clean so it can stay nice and well-insulated longer.

However, if you are camping in the coldest places, in addition, pack a warm hat or a beanie, sleeping socks, and a blanket.

Follow your normal sleep system

Adopting your normal sleep pattern when outdoors prime your mind and body to a restful night. However, note that the darkness alone is not enough to wind down your brain. Prepare yourself to sleep by brushing your teeth, doing breathing exercises, and any other possible thing you normally do before going to bed.

Bring earplugs along to help shut any noise and avoid any unusual sound that might wake you up. A noisy place can make it hard to close the eyes, even with a normal sleep system. You can as well use the earplugs to listen to music or a podcast before going to bed.

Just as you would at home, heed to the call of nature while outdoors. A full bladder can make it difficult for you to fall asleep, and you might soon catch a cold as the body struggles to keep all fluid warm

Establish a camping sleep schedule or follow the normal timings while at home. You will avoid disrupting your body clock that could make it hard for you to fall asleep.

Stay calm

Sleeping outdoors can be unsettling with all the strange and exciting noise around. Even with the earplugs, the fear of the unknown might take over your courage. Be calm, and you can help yourself by reading a book or meditating. The first day might be tough, but you will start to fall asleep naturally without any fear as days go by.  It could also help if you tag a friend or family along, especially if it is your first time camping.


Follow all the tips for a magical experience of sleeping around the sound of nature and under the stars. You will forget sleepless nights on big adventures and make the experience worthwhile. Remember, if you cannot sleep well, engaging healthily in outdoor activities the next day is next to impossible. So, choose the camping location wisely, invest in a quality sleep bag, warm-up before bed and follow your normal sleep pattern for a wonderful experience in the jungle.

5 Tips to Ensure You Get A Good Night Sleep In the Outdoors
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5 Tips to Ensure You Get A Good Night Sleep In the Outdoors
Whether indoor or outdoor, good sleep is essential for your physical and mental well-being. But, the exposure to extreme weather, the hard and rocky ground, and the thought of critters’ sounds outside can make it challenging to shut your eyes when camping. Find some useful tips that can help you to have a perfect sleep in your outdoor tour.
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