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A Complete Information About Pashupatinath Temple

Pashupatinath Temple Photo Collection

Pashupatinath Temple

Pashupatinath Temple is one of the greatest temples for Hindu religions. Pashupatinath Temple is located in Gaushala, Kathmandu. Gaushala is at 10 minutes walking distance (around 2kms) from Tribhuvan International Airport and and around 1.4 kms distance from Chabahil Chowk, Kathmandu. The temple is located in the eastern part of the city and  Kathmandu Airport.

Religious Value of Pashupatinath Temple For Hindu

Pashupatinath temple is one of the greatest temples for its historical and cultural facts. And it is one of the biggest temples for Lord Pashupati Nath with similar value as Kedarnath and other 11 Jyotirlingas located in India. There are different names for Lord Pashupati Nath, like Lord Shiva, Mahadev, Nilkantha and many more.

It is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Pashupati Nath, and it is also believed that the Pashupatinath Temple is the half body of one jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva and rest of 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva are in India. The Siva Lingam is worshiped by Hindu religions, Shiva Lingam represents the Statue of Lord Shiva.

The beauty of nature inside Pashupatinath Temple

The Temple of Pashupatinath is located beside the beautiful view of Bagmati River. The temple area near the Bagmati River is surrounded by forest. In this forest, you can find beautiful trees, flowers, and plants. It is also said that once Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati came to the Kathmandu Valley. And Lord Shiva was very impressed with the scene of beautiful forest and so he decided to rest there.

When you go to the Pashupatinath Temple, you can see so monkeys. And inside the forest, you will really enjoy the beautiful scenery, peaceful environment and lots of beautiful deer playing over there.

Interesting Things You Will Find in Pashupati Area

The temple is really one most peaceful place you will ever find in Kathmandu. And also the view inside the temple are is naturally beautiful. It doesn’t mean that there are very few peoples who go to worship the Lord. Every day there are millions of people visiting the temple for the worship and some for the tour. The biggest crowd you will see here at Mahashivaratri. Mahashivaratri is the biggest festival to worship Lord Shiva. Peoples from Nepal, India and other parts of South Asia come to pray the Lord.

Inside the area of Pashupatinath Temple, you can see shops there. In these shops, you can buy Rudraksha Mala, seeds, herbs, color powder for tika, Chandan (A Wood), figurines of Gods and Goddess and many more typical and interesting things originated from Nepal Art and Hindu Religion.

Shape and Design of  The Temple

The architectural construction of the Pashupati Temple is in Pagoda Style. Pagoda Style is a cubic shape or curved shape. The roof of the Main Temple where the Shiva Linga (statue) is situated is made of two layers of copper which are supported by wood. The two layers of the roof are covered with Gold.

There are four doors in the main temple. These doors are also very special in  Temple. These are covered with silver. Main Doors of The Pashupatinath Temple are every day opened for certain hours only and after that, they are closed by the Bhatta. Therefore if someone wants to worship the Lord Pashupatinath in this temple he/s she has to reach before the closing time, which is 11:00 in the morning.

View the Pashupatinath Temple In The Video

Priest (Bhatta) In The Temple

Priests of the temple are also called Bhatta. Bhattas are well educated and Vedic Dravida Brahmin Scholars from Karnataka. They are highly educated in Dharma and Shastra. There are 4 Bhatta is the temple who can touch the idol of Lord Shiva. There is another set of priests in the temple called Bhandari and they are not allowed to touch the temple. Bhandari is only the helper for Bhatta. Bhatta Operates the regular rituals of the Pashupatinath Temple and also Bhatta are only authorized to touch idol of God.

Another interesting thing is about this Temple is Bhatta are not selected randomly or they are not authorized by the to the heredity. In rest of temples, priests are simply selected following the heredity. That heredity system is not followed in Pashupatinath Tempel. Priests of Pashupatinath Temple are selected by a group of scholars and educated by Shri Shankaracharya Dakshinamnaya Peeth.

There are more interesting, historical, and cultural facts about Pashupatinath Temple. If you think some of them are missing, or if you want to know any more facts which are not mentioned here, feel free to leave a comment. It will be a great pleasure to let you know more things about Pashupatinath Temple.

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Pashupatinath Temple is a historical temple of Lord Shiva Located in Kathmandu, Nepal. Pashupatinath Temple is one of the greatest temples for Hindu religions. Pashupatinath Temple is located in Gaushala, Kathmandu. Gausha is at 10 minutes walking distance from Tribhuvan International Airport and comes before the Chabahil Chowk, Kathmandu.
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