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Surfing in Morocco

Surfing - water sports

Since the 1970s Morocco has been one of the prominent destinations for surf traveling. Morocco is a surfing paradise. There are several surfing spots in Morocco which include Anchor Point, Banana Beach, Boilers, Desert Point, Essaouira Beach Hash Point, and many more.

The country Morocco has a 1900 km coastline with an outstanding surfing environment. The beaches of Morocco are long and immaculate. You’ll really be overjoyed with your surfboards in Morocco.

Surfing spots in Morocco

Anchor Point – When it comes to surf travel in Morocco, Anchor Point of Taghazout ranked no 1. It was first discovered in the year the 1960s. 

The outstanding line of waves, sandy rock, and the long coastline of waves make this spot extremely wonderful. 

The Anchor Point is a 10 min walk from Taghazout city. The waves of the Anchor are constant all year round. But October to May is the ideal time to visit this place.

When to go Surfing in Morocco?

In a very short time, Morocco has become one of the ideal destinations for surfing. The best time for Surfing in Morocco is between September and May. Besides this, you can enjoy surfing during the winter.

Traveling to Morocco

We all have undergone the effect of COVID-19. In the month of Feb international flights of Morocco have resumed. 

Before landing your steps in Morocco, you have to take vaccination (negative results) 2 days before the departure. Make sure you’ll move through all the processes. 

After your arrival at the airport, you must fill out the Passenger Health Form.

Enjoy the Traveling!

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Surfing in Morocco
Morocco is a popular destination for surfing. It's a surfing paradise with several surf beaches. For those who outdoor adventure, water sports, and surfing, Morocco is a must-go place.
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