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How to Visit Nagarkot?

Visit Nagarkot

Nagarkot, Nepal

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A Detailed Guide For Nagarkot Tour

If u have met the decision to visit Nepal, great. You’ll not regret it.

Mountains, Jungles, pilgrimages, temples, monuments, monasteries, spiritual sites, friendliest people of the earth. Yeah, there are several reasons and why you love to visit Nepal, and you will too.

Nagarkot is a former Village Development Committee located at the 32 km east of Kathmandu, Nepal. It is the impeccable place to visit where you can indulge in the local life of Nepal and outstanding views over the Himalayas during both sunrise and sunset.

If you are planning to visit Kathmandu during spring, especially in Christmas and New Year’s time, I must say Nagarkot will be the best destination for you.

Nagarkot is a hiking and biking destination where you will find complete relaxation. Enjoy your holiday in the lap of sunshine including breathtaking natural scenery in Nagarkot by hiking and biking.

Things To Do In Nagarkot

There are several things to do in Nagarkot, Find some of the great things you can explore in Nagarkot.

Hiking in Nagarkot

If you are passionate about hiking, then I have good news for you. Hiking up to Nagarkot from Bhaktapur will be best for you, there is a hiking path from Bhaktapur via Changunarayan temple. Besides that, a small town Sankhu also offers you small hiking that provides you outstanding views of the Himalayas and the green scenery of Nepal. The hiking will take around 3-4 hours, depending on which route you will choose.


During high season, you can hire mountain bikes from the tour agents. There’s a fantastic route called the “loop” that’s a quite famous amount of mountain bikers that visit Nagarkot. Mountain biking is a new activity, so I am afraid bikes might be unavailable during the low season.

Nagarkot Sunrise

Nagarkot is famous for its magnificent sunrise views when the weather is clear. Generally, people travel to Nagarkot for a night out in order to catch the breathtaking views of the sunrise.


Nagarkot is a perfect place for relaxation. Come here and enjoy the Nature Walk, Village Walk, Panoramic Trail, breathtaking views, and mouthwatering foods.

Nagarkot Waterfalls, Trekking, and Views

Nagarkot is only 27 km away from Kathmandu City, but it feels like you are in another world. Nagarkot is not only famous for Sunrise/Himalayan views, hiking, and relaxation. However, trekking to Muhan waterfalls is also a pleasant trek for you. The trail has some steep slopes, and ramble through the forest. It will certainly be a good exercise for your body. However, there are a couple of impeccable picnic spots on the way.

Besides, biking, trekking & waterfalls, sunrise, and relaxation you can involve in other fun activities which include

Transportation Routes To Reach Nagarkot From Kathmandu

You can travel Nagarkot in different ways and routes. Either you can hire a private taxi from Kathmandu, take a bus from Kathmandu or rent a motorbike and drive yourself.

Taxi from Kathmandu

If you decide to rent a private taxi from Kathmandu to Nagarkot it will take you to 2-2.5 hours depending on the traffic jam and busy road. This is the most comfortable and easiest way to reach out there, but also expensive the taxi will cost you around 3000 to 5000 rupees for one way.

By Local bus from Kathmandu

The best and most affordable way to reach Nagarkot from Kathmandu is by the local bus. Local bus to Nagarkot departures from the different places of Kathmandu. However, the Ratna Park Bus Stand of Kathmandu will be easier for you. There you can get the bus to Bhaktapur and then hire a taxi to Nagarkot from Bhaktapur bus stand.

Kathmandu to Nagarkot by Motorbike

It is an easy way to reach Nagarkot from Kathmandu via the way of Bhaktapur via scooters/motorbikes. By Nepalese road standards, Kathmandu-Bhaktapur-Nagarkot road surfaces are ok.

Weather and Climate in Nagarkot

Affected by the geography in South Asia, Nepal bags a monsoon climate with moderate temperature all year around. Sometimes climate varies due to the altitude changes.

Nagarkot has a pleasant climate all year round with an average temperature of 14.9 degrees The Climate is both warm and temperate. If you are from European nations, then December, January & February will be the best months for you to socialize with it.

Accommodations & Hotels in Nagarkot

Some Of The Budget Hotels in Nagarkot

All hotels mentioned above makes you a much more personal and homely experience than other regular hotels. The hotels are clean, spacious, hot shower, 24/7 wifi, lovely sunrise, and set views, mouthwatering vegetarian/non-vegetarian family-style dinner, including breakfast and tea.

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