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What are the costs involved in replacing RV windows?

Do you love your RV? There’s nothing quite like gazing out of your RV windows as the world goes by! Leaving all the daily grind and unwelcome stresses behind you, as you set off to explore another wonderful piece of Australia. If your windows are all foggy however, your view isn’t going to be very inspiring, and when cracks appear or the locks don’t work properly, it’s time to face the music – you need to replace the windows in your RV.

Types of RV windows

When you need to replace the windows in your RV, you need to decide on a number of features before making your final selection. These features include flyscreens, fixed or sliding windows, tinted windows, safety glass, and internally or externally mounted locks. You can also purchase a domed or flat pushout window, as well as the more common fixed and sliding windows. Another feature you need to select is the frame, which is usually plain or black aluminium.

 You can also choose between glass or acrylic for your RV windows, but acrylic tends to be more popular because it has more flexibility and is stronger than glass. On the other hand, glass is easier to keep clean and doesn’t get pitted, scratched and foggy, which can be a problem with acrylic windows after a few years.

Repair vs replacement

There are ways to repair cracks in the windows of your RV, but they are complicated and don’t always work well. It can also be very difficult to remove fogging in the windows. It’s far easier, quicker and less frustrating to simply replace them with new windows. This makes a lot of sense if your windows are old and also if you aren’t skilled at DIY repairs. To find out the cost of purchasing new RV windows, you need to know not only the size of the windows, but also the type of window (fixed, sliding, push-out or domed) and which of the additional features you want included (tints, fly screens, locks, etc.).  

Customised windows for RVs

When you own an older model RV, it’s not unusual to find that the standard windows don’t fit, so your only option is to have windows customised to suit your model. Some people simply prefer customised windows because they can be made to fit any size or shape of opening, and they can also select the colour of the frame. The edges of the windows can also be mitred or rounded, and you can have flat or curved windows made to measure. Customised windows are available in acrylic, polycarbonate or toughened safety glass, so you have plenty of options.

Installing the new windows in your RV

When it comes time to install the new windows in your RV, you have two options. You can either do it yourself or ask your RV service centre to install them for you. The costs of removing the old windows and replacing them with new isn’t very expensive, so it’s usually the most popular option. If you want to DIY the installation of your new RV windows, then there are plenty of videos on YouTube that hopefully provide clear instructions.

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