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Traveling to Europe? Don’t Miss These Best European Cities This Winter!

Most Popular European Cities For Winter Visit

European Cities

Europe is impeccable in winter and summer, all year long. The ideas and tricks on how to visit and where to visit. Here We’ll provide you perfect guidance to find the best European cities to visit in winter season to make your tour more interesting and joyful.

Here we have compiled a list of the Best European Cities to Visit in Winter in the coming 2020/ 21. We have also included the total cost of accommodation, transportation, the best things to do, and some of the popular tourist attractions as well.

Sunset View In Winter

10 Awesome European Cities Perfect For Winter Break

  1. Lisbon, Portugal
  2. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  3. Copenhagen, Denmark
  4. Barcelona, Spain
  5. Berlin, Germany
  6. Vienna, Austria
  7. Venice, Italy
  8. Zagreb, Croatia
  9. Stockholm, Sweden
  10. Prague, Czech Republic

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is a fantastic choice during the winter season to visit in Portugal. July and August are quiet busiest, it is fully packed over summer. In winter you can enjoy this city, especially from December to March. There are many surf areas around Lisbon. It’s one of the best European cities to visit in winter but you should keep in mind that some of them are closed in the winter months.


Top things to do in Lisbon

Where to stay in Lisbon

You can find several hotels in the Lisbon City Centre which will provide you homey experience.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Wintertime, and if you planning to visit Amsterdam, then it will be an amazing trip for you. Although the temperatures are colder and it might be windy, and rainy, there is a lot to do and see.

Trigger Tours is a company that offers Private tours in Amsterdam, day trips and excursions. Trigger Tours also offers amazing private Amsterdam Red Light District tours. Join this 1.5 hour to experience the Red Light District with a private guide.

Things to do in wintertime in Amsterdam

Where to stay in Amsterdam

Amsterdam city in western Europe

Copenhagen, Denmark

The capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen is one of the best European tourist destinations to visit in winter. This is the birthplace of hygge (basically the Danish concept of “coziness”). Upon coming here, you cannot stay indoors, from pastry shops to Michelin-starred restaurants, Tivoli Gardens, and canal views certainly worth coming up here. You can put Copenhagen in the list of your top European cities to visit in winter.

Copenhagen Denmark

Things to do in Copenhagen

Accommodations & Hotels at Copenhagen

Barcelona (sun, culture & food)

Bit colder, yet outstanding, Barcelona is the best place to visit in winter. It is worth to visit all year long. During winter, the temperature is around 10-15 degrees, and January and February are the coldest months.

In the months of winter, the city is less crowded, fewer tourists and lower prices. If you are lucky enough then you can also find flights to Barcelona for less than 15€.


What to do in Barcelona during the winter?

Where to stay in Barcelona

Here are some budget hotels and holiday rentals in Barcelona whether you are with your family, couple, or as solo-travelers

Berlin, Germany (Christmas Markets & History)

Germany’s capital, Berlin has its own cultural importance and history. If you are planning for the European winter journey, then this has to be on your bucket list. Berlin has countless stories to tell. Visiting Berlin, between December to April makes sense. Ensure you didn’t miss to have Berlin in your best European cities visiting list.

Berlin Cathedral

What to do in Berlin during the winter?

Hotels & Rentals at Berlin

Vienna, Austria

The city Vienna is as sandwiched between Hungary and Budapest, the perfect city for a winter break as well. The Christmas market of Vienna is famous all over Europe, so you are interested then, here we go. But if you miss the Christmas time, not a problem, winter times in Vienna is just amazing. You will certainly enjoy it.


Things to do in Vienna in winter

Where to stay in Vienna? (Luxury & budget hotels)

Venice, Italy

Even in the colder month, Venice is worth to visit. Seriously, I mean it.

You will fall in love with and have unforgettable experiences.


What to do in Venice?

Where to stay in Venice during the winter?

Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia. Actually, Croatia is a famous city for thousands of islands, and those are the best destinations in summer.

During winter, you can enjoy with all cafes, street art and culture, and busy nightlife, it is a kind of unexpected joy you will get here.


Things to do during winter

Where to stay in Zagreb, Croatia

Stockholm, Sweden

If you are planning to visit Stockholm, the most popular time for a winter trip to Stockholm is just before Christmas. You’ll find the festive markets across the city. There are cafes, restaurants going to offer you the traditional Swedish buffet

What to do in Stockholm in the winter?

Where to stay in Stockholm during the winter?


Prague (snowy Fairland)

Prague is really admirable in all the yearlong, whether it is summer or winter both times you have a total different experience. During winter the town is less busy and usually, the city is indulged in snow and ice.

Things to do in Prague

Where to stay in Prague?


Getting around in European cities:

There are seven ways to get around Europe: plane, bus, train, car share, backpacker tours, Eurail pass, and hitchhiking

Traveling Europe by Megabus: Megabus is the cheapest way to get around Europe. Tickets rates depend on your routes and traveling distances

Traveling Europe by Flix Bus: Over the last few years, a new company has entered and totally changed the bus system in Europe. German-based Flix Bus has routes in more than 20 European countries and thousands of cities, with prices starting from 3-5 euros. The buses have the facilities of Wi-Fi, electrical outlets, three free bags, and comfy seats.

Berlin Airport

Traveling Europe by Budget Airline: There are several budget airline which includes the following.

Traveling Europe with a Eurail Pass: Traveling Europe by train is more comfortable than a bus and much less stressful than air travel. And the European rail service is the best and most extensive in the world.

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