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Did you know Chitwan is the best outdoor travel destination for tourists in Nepal?

Crocodile in Chitwan National Park


Are you planning a trip to Chitwan Nepal? Do you want to make your trip fascinating while you are here? Look no further because we have compiled a list of top 10 things to do in Chitwan, Nepal for you!

Chitwan district is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Nepal as it has several beautiful places to visit like Chitwan National Park, Narayani river, Elephant breeding center, and many more tourist attractions. Keep sticking with us as we take you through the best of Chitwan tourist attractions and adventure travel activities including the best places to visit around Chitwan National Park.

List Of Top 10 Fun & Adventure Things To Do In Chitwan

  1. Chitwan National Park
  2. Jungle Safari
  3. Elephant Breeding Center
  4. Tharu Cultural Show
  5. Bird Watching
  6. River Safari by Wooden Canoe
  7. Explore the local Village
  8. Bish Hazari Tal – 20 Thousand Lake Tour
  9. Elephant Ride & Jungle Walks

Popular Tourist Attractions in Chitwan

Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park is popular for Safari stop in Nepal. It is 160 km away from Kathmandu, 155 km by street from Pokhara and 160 km by street from the Indian fringe at Sunauli.

 The Chitwan National Park is home to Bengal tigers, rhinoceroses, bears, panthers, crocodiles and monkeys and several types of fowls and butterflies. Chitwan National Park is one of the greatest places to visit in Chitwan and if you are going on a tour there you shouldn’t miss it.

The atmosphere here is amazing in spite of being situated amidst Terai. Outdoor adventure sports and activities like Elephant race, Bullock workmanship race, tonka race, kayak race, and elephant football rivalry are sorted out in Sauraha for tourism advancement consistently towards the end of December.

It provides you with an incredible knowledge of wildlife, visiting Chitwan National Park one of the top things to do in Chitwan, Nepal.

Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari is one of the most happening things to do in Chitwan. It will be a remarkable experience for you depends on you choose to explore the jungle in a jeep or by an elephant. However, you will have an awesome outdoor adventure travel experience here.

If you are a naturalist or nature lover, then you will certainly be overwhelmed. Moreover, you will get an opportunity to see different species of birds, monkeys, and one-horned rhinoceros. With a bit of luck, you might get chance the glimpse of leopard, bear, and Royal Bengal Tiger (although sighting of tigers are rare in Chitwan)


Elephant Breeding & Training Centre (Sauraha)

Are you interested to know everything about the elephant, then you can visit the Elephant Breeding & Training Centre which 1988 A.D with  6 male and 14 female elephants. Among 20 elephants, 16 was brought from India, 2 from Thailand and 2 elephants were as a gift from the Myanmar government.

At the Breeding Centre, you can spend your all day and learn about how elephants breed and spend their day. There is also a small museum about baby elephants.

Chitwan Tharu Village

If you have a passion to learn about different cultures and traditions of the people of the world. If yes, Tharu people and their culture top things to do. 

Upon visiting them, you’ll have the knowledge of their unique traditions and culture. Moreover, u can explore the cultural museum and their traditional houses. 

The museum features cultural exhibits on the Tharu community, making it is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Chitwan Nepal.

Bird Watching

If you are a bird lover, then you can find a wide range of birds in Chitwan National Park. There are around 800 different types of birds in the park.

Guided by an expert join a bird watching tour to identify species from grassland, farmland, forest and aquatic habitats.

You’ll have the knowledge to recognize different species, their whistles, and alarm calls as well as develop an insight into how birds are an integral part of Nepal’s abundant eco-systems.

River Safari by Wooden Canoe

Experience the jungle by floating down its rivers—both the Narayani and Rapti rivers being a popular choice for you. From the river, you can see crocodiles, birdlife, and maybe the endangered fish-eating gharial crocodile. 

You can take a short jungle walk at the banks of the river. You’ll sit inside a hand-carved wooden canoe and will be guided by a local guide and driver.

Explore the local Village

Chitwan village and its national park are one of the country’s top attractions for the tourists. 

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the park protects a sizable portion of forests, grasslands, and marsh, and is also one of the best national parks for wildlife in entire Asia.

There are a number of local villages where you can take the time to visit and explore their traditional way of life. 

Bish Hazari Tal – 20 Thousand Lake Tour

Do you want to relax in the serenity of lakes with the sweet sounds of birds? If so, visiting Bish Hajar Tall will give you the outstanding experience of your life. 

You may see different species of birds along with crocodiles and rhinos at the lake, which is a blessing for nature lovers is the best place in Chitwan, Nepal.


Elephant Ride & Jungle Walks

You can walk along the jungle alongside the elephants and get close to the wildlife in the safety of the elephants’ company. 

This is a golden opportunity to be close to elephants and to discover how they move through the jungle, what they eat, and how they react and interact with other wildlife. 

People Riding Elephant

Where to stay and eat in Chitwan & Sauraha?

Sauraha Resort

Sauraha Resort is one of the prominent places to stay in Chitwan. It offers you the best hospitable services, luxurious comfort, wild adventures and an unforgettable stay visiting next the Chitwan National Park.

Hotel Monalisa Chitwan

Hotel Monalisa Chitwan built in the year 2010. It is within the 1 km of Chitwan National Park.

The hotel is a really wonderful place to stay. The average price per person is NPR 4,600 per night. 

Chautari Garden Resort

Chautari Garden Resort is situated 1.3 km away from Chitwan National Park. It provides you with the best hospitality in town. The staff and owner of this resort are really friendly and supportive.

The average price per person is NPR 2400 per night.

Sauraha Nana Hotel

Sauraha Nana Hotel is one of the most affordable places to live in Sauraha. Free wifi, Free Parking, On-Site Bar are its main features. 

The average price per person is NPR 1000 per night.

Hotel Tree Tops

Situated 450 meters away from Chitwan National Park, Sauraha. Hotel TreeTops is an affordable place to stay. The hotel provides you free WiFi access and free private parking.

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