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Tourist Attractions in Massachusetts You Shouldn’t Miss

Are you planning for a travel tour to Massachusetts? If yes, then it’s certainly a great decision. Massachusetts is an awesome place in New England to visit once in your lifetime. There are several reason and best places to visit Massachusetts solo or with your family. For your tour to Massachusetts it might be useful to know about some of the best tourist places. Stay with us and keep reading to ensure you don’t miss visiting those awesome places in Massachusetts.

Traveling to Massachusetts in Spring

Winter is almost over, and so is the onslaught of cold and depressing vibes. After spending nearly four months covered in blankets and knitwear, we are finally ready to break free and enjoy the vibrancy that the season of Spring brings. Nature itself, in the spring season, seems to be pandiculating and stretching its arms after a deep slumber. The whirling of trees, whizzing of winds, and the smell of freshly bloomed flowers are just a few of the elements that make the Spring season so pleasant. The season brings out the hidden aesthetic in nature, along with our desire to explore it. This is the season when the state of Massachusetts blooms and has so much to offer that you probably won’t be able to cover in months.

Not to worry, we have compiled a list of top places to visit in Massachusetts if you want to acquire the essence of the spring season in the state. If you are a visitor in Boston or the state of Massachusetts and don’t have your own vehicle consider a family friendly or group travel option using some of the popular Boston car service companies.

Awesome Places To Visit in Massachusetts New England

  1. Sutton Hills Waterfall Campground
  2. Williamsburg General Store, Williamsburg
  3. The Bulb River, Sandwich
  4. Hull
  5. Cape Cod Lavender Farm, Harwich
  6. Onota Lake, Pittsfield
  7. The Adventure Park, Sandwich

Sutton Hills Waterfall Campground

This magnificent waterfall campground unleashes everything that the season of Spring has to offer. Located at the banks of Aldrich Mill Pond, the Sutton Falls provides one of the best camping areas in town where you can acquire some peace and tranquillity under the star-studded night sky. The facilities available at the camping areas include swimming, fishing, boat rentals, laundry room, pavilion, playground, and more. In fact, it’s one of the awesome places to visit in Massachusetts in spring.

Williamsburg General Store, Williamsburg

Standing strong for 115 years, this authentic New England country store will take you back in time as soon as you step into it. You can find anything here, including antique objects, to freshly baked goods that would remind you of your childhood. You can hop in this store for a bag of goodies and take in the view of the Spring from their porch.

The Bulb River, Sandwich

The bulb river is a river of blooming flowers, literally. It’s also one of the most happening places to visit in Massachusetts in spring. You can find the river, with a purple stream of 35,000 grape hyacinths, by the Heritage Museums and Gardens. The bulbs are meticulously planted in the winters in a way that they form a stream of flowers when they bloom in Spring. Since this river of flowers is only available to be beheld during the end of April and early May, make sure you are visiting Sandwich at that time of the year.


A secluded town surrounded by water from almost all sides, Hull is the place you should visit if you want to experience the beauty that nature has to offer. As soon as the sun comes out, the whole town glitters with the reflection, and it is a sight to behold. Stop here to get a magnificent view of the gleaming waters. You can enjoy the scenery in solitude since springtime Hull lacks all the summer tourists and traffic.

Cape Cod Lavender Farm, Harwich

Although Cape Cod is not necessarily known for its farmland, it is one of the most fragrant spring destinations in the state. Stop by the Cape Cod Lavender Farm to experience the blooming and fragrance of purple flowers in a sea of green grass. Moreover, you can buy mesmerizing lavender products from their honor-system shop. You can take private shuttles from Boston to Cape Cod that are both affordable and comfortable.

Cape Cod Bay Ocean in Massachusetts
Cape Cod Bay Ocean

Onota Lake, Pittsfield

Covering 617 acres, the Onota Lake is the perfect water body for all your warm-weather activities. You can choose to paddle across the lake in a canoe, or you can swim through yourself and feel the calm and soothing ambiance the lake has to offer. A sunny afternoon spent by the lake can turn out to be one of the best times of your life.

The Adventure Park, Sandwich

As the name suggests, this park has some adventure to offer for everyone. The park has paths made across treetops, which allow you to swing, climb, or balance your way through them. If you are looking to have some wild times without having to worry about anything, head to this park at Heritage and Museums Gardens. Before heading here, make sure you are dressed in relaxed garments and wearing a sturdy pair of shoes.

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